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On this page you will find some pictures taken during our country presentations in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

The pictures are in the following order:  

 Water Ceremony at the Old Capitol, Baton Rouge, LA Fall 1997

 Country Presentation during Earth Day Celebration  in downtown of Baton Rouge, LA October 25 1998 (2 pictures)
















































































These pictures were taken at the presentation during the Earth Day celebration in downtown of Baton Rouge, LA, April 18, 1999































































































During our presentations we attract a lot of people to our booth. We tell them about Armenia, its great history, culture and people.  We answer whatever questions they have.  We also prepare some handouts.  Those are one or two pages printouts on different topics about Armenia.  During the last couple of presentations we also had musical performances.  All rugs, some books and displays are provided by the Armenians of Baton Rouge.  We are especially thankful to Kaltakdjian family for their help with these presentations.

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