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Our organization is young but determined one. We have established it in January 1998 with an aim of expanding people's knowledge about Armenia, its history, its people and culture  at Louisiana State University, Louisiana and everywhere in the world with the help of the Internet.


In the past, we had held seven country presentations in downtown area of Baton Rouge and on LSU campus. Armenia was for the first time represented in 1997 in an annual International Heritage Celebration and Water Ceremony held by the City Mayor -President Office in Baton Rouge, LA. Every year we participate and represent our motherland in downtown of Baton Rouge. More than forty other countries are being represented during the celebration. In 1999 we added a musical performance to our presentation booth, presenting some wonderful Armenian songs and melodies. We are looking forward to present Armenia again in the city and the university. ASOLSU and Armenians of Louisiana participate together in different community events. One of such is an annual ceremony  dedicated to the memory of the fight of the Hadjin. The ceremony is held on November 8. We work together to bring more attention among the people to the Armenian cause.

In our projects we  actively involve the members of the Armenian community in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  It is with their help that our presentations are so rich in content and form.

Since Spring 1998 our organization ventured another way of operating. We began publishing our newsletter called "Hayrenik" to keep current with news and issues concerning Armenian students locally and internationally. The newsletter was distributed locally in the community.

Another way of keeping in touch for us is e-mail.  Anyone interested can subscribe to our mailing list and will receive an e-mail every time something happens regarding Armenia or Armenians. That way we can keep in touch and stay united even if not all of us are at LSU.

There is a constant change in members in our organization for most of them are foreign students and are in the USA for a short term period. Nevertheless, we were able to preserve the unity and continue to excel as an organization.

Please feel free to comment or suggest anything you think might help us achieving our goals.

Our strength is our unity!

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