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Interesting Facts

 The capital of Armenia is Yerevan. The city was founded by King Argishti I of Urartu in 782 BC.  Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world.  It is older than Rome.

 Armenia was the first nation in the world to adopt Christianity as an official state religion.  It was in 301 AD.  The 1700th anniversary of the event was celebrated in 2001.

 In the year 404 AD, in the ancient Armenian city of Samosad, the Armenian Alphabet was created by Mesrob Mashdots with the help of the Catholicos Sahag Bartev and the encouragement of King Vramshabouh.

 In the year 1080 AD a new Armenian state  was founded at the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, where the kingdom of Cilicia flourished as a trading center at the cross roads of important trade routes, and as a base for the crusades, until its destruction in 1375.

 In 1915, under the cover of World War I, the Turkish government implemented and enacted this century's first genocide annihilating over 80% of the Turkish Armenian population and erasing a large portion of its 3000 year old culture.  About 25 years later Adolph Hitler justified the Jewish Holocaust by asking his military commanders, "Who remembers now the extermination of Armenians?"

 In May 28, 1918, Armenia declared itself as an independent republic.  Two years later, it became one of the republics of the former Soviet Union.

 In 1988, Armenia was the first among all soviet republics to demand independence from the Soviet Union.  On December 7 of the same year, a devastating earthquake hit Armenia.  It caused death to more than 25,000 people and destroyed several cities.

 On September 21, 1991, the Third Republic was declared in Armenia.  Today it is a country progressing quickly with democratic ideals.

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Stands for the spilt blood of all Armenian soldiers


Stands for the sky


Stands for the fertile land 


Eastern Europe

Land Area

29,800 Square Kilometers


3.1 Million

Predominant Religion

Armenian Apostolic (Christian) (96%)

Predominant Language

Armenian (98%)


Highland continental, hot summers, cold winters 


Plateau with mountains, little forest land, fast flowing rivers, and good soil in the Aras River valley

Natural Resources

Rich deposits of copper, bauxite and precious metals

Chief of State

President Serzh Sargsyan


18 years of age




Supreme Court