Values and Vision

Photo from the February 2022 "Values and Vision" Retreat.

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On February 21-22, 2022, over 100 faculty, staff, students, administration, board of supervisors, and alumni gathered at Pennington Biomedical Research Center Conference Center to participate in a leader retreat and engage in numerous large and small group discussions on the topics of values and vision.

Prior to the retreat, an individual survey was delivered to the entire LSU community, across the state, and to numerous alumni for their perspectives and feedback in five key areas:

  • Individual Core Values
  • Recommended Institutional Core Values
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of LSU
  • Perspectives and Feedback on Strategic Planning
  • Recommended Vision Statements

LSU received over 11,000 responses and reviewed those in detail and in word clouds to provide perspectives from faculty, staff, students, and alumni from across the system.

Core Values and Institutional Strengths

The planning progress includes developing a set of cores values and defining institutional strengths. This information will help us develop a shared vision for the future of LSU. 

Potential Vision Statements

  1. Developing leaders today to shape the world tomorrow
  2. Fierce pursuit of truth with global vision and local commitment 
  3. Louisiana solutions – universal impact.  Empowering excellence through learning and discovery
  4. To be a global beacon of scholarship, research, and service for the betterment of the planet, nation, and state 
  5. Transforming lives through academic and research excellence to impact Louisiana and others
  6. The flagship community of institutions that leads change, catalyzes discovery, advances Louisiana, and benefits the world 
  7. Elevating the human condition by solving global problems through innovative community solutions … providing innovative solutions to global challenges 
  8. LSU, where the currents of learning, service, and discovery converge to enrich our Louisiana 
  9. We inspire hope, expand knowledge, and discover solutions that improve lives in Louisiana and beyond
leader retreat

Attendees of the Values & Vision Retreat participate in a group discussion.