Strategic Planning Direction

This is a pivotal moment for LSU and the state of Louisiana. Through the collaborative teamwork of all our institutions across the system, we are poised to create solutions essential to the future of our state and nation. These solutions start with a strategic plan that will position LSU to pursue its full potential as a flagship university, one of the rare universities in the country with Land, Sea and Space Grant designations.  Established as an Agriculture and Mechanical College, with specific responsibilities to the state, LSU will strengthen its academic and research programs with bold ambitions to be among the best and most sought-after research institutions in the country. Our strategic planning efforts will be guided by two overarching purposes:

To Preserve
Our Past

LSU will continue to make substantial contributions to the unique culture and society of Louisiana, including:

  • The Arts
  • Language and Communication
  • History 
  • Health and Behavior 
  • Education  

To Secure
Our Future

And will develop the institutional strength to impact areas of the greatest need and potential for enduring benefit, including our five "Pentagon" research focus areas:

  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Biomedical and Biotechnology
  • Coast and Environment
  • Defense and Security
  • Energy and Energy Transition
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