Strategic Plan Update on Recent Progress

July 14, 2022

The working groups continue their efforts in developing goals, objectives, programs, and measures. Each group is moving forward very well – with some great ideas, thoughtful conversation, and initiatives that will propel our plan forward. 

We have completed our third meeting with our Community Advisory Board. Each meeting has been positive, productive, and candid – and you can see some of the feedback attached via the final summary of our three engagements. We will meet with our alumni and industry advisory boards in early August and will provide their consolidated feedback as well – to help inform working group discussions moving forward. 

The Communications & University Relations team continues to frame and design the final product and many of the other major ideas that are materializing inside the Scholarship First Agenda. More internal engagements and updates to enable increased awareness and discussion on the strategic plan and the Scholarship First Agenda to come!

Next Steps

Late July 

  • Working group lead meeting #5 – review efforts, progress, address any concerns, review next steps

Mid to late August 

  • Second draft of working group input due
  • Integration Committee meeting and review – Working group leads will present their input to the Integration Committee for review and discussion
  • Working group lead meeting #6 – discuss the Integration Committee meeting and feedback

Late Aug./Early Sept.

  • Presentation to the president and cabinet. Working group leads will present their input (summary, goals, and objectives) for review/consideration


  • Final draft of working group input

We are making great progress on a very clear path to creating something of real value to LSU. The collective hard work and leadership from everyone involved and our community are overwhelming. Exciting things are to come for LSU!