Strategic Planning Process Update

June 29, 2022

We have solid goals and initiatives taking shape within each of our working groups. Each meeting we have with our advisory boards yields insightful conversations and valuable suggestions for how we can shape the future of LSU. After each meeting, notes are reviewed and analyzed for core themes and key takeaways for consideration amongst the working groups.

Themes that are emerging from our working groups and advisory boards:

  1. A need to gather essential resources and capacities. People (faculty, staff, and students), partnerships, and clear priorities
  2. Aligned against specific aims
    1. World Class Education
    2. Internationally renowned and impactful Research
    3. First-rate student experience
  3. Creating Cycles of Opportunity for our communities and state - if we can elevate our partnerships in all areas within an ecosystem of partnership, we can lift our community.

The recent Shell Partnership is a perfect example of this work in action - Working together with our researchers and in partnership with industry, state, federal and community leaders we work together we can be intentional and aspire towards our university vision of health, prosperity, and security for Louisiana.

If you have ideas you would like to share to be incorporated into the working group conversations, please submit a feedback form on the strategic plan website.