Data and Survey Response

June 10, 2022

Our most recent survey, which closed on June 1, collected nearly 1000 responses from our campus community. Nearly an even split in responses between faculty, staff, and students, we found some consistencies and themes within the responses. To note, all survey responses were completely anonymous, and we are thankful to our community for their thoughtful and candid feedback.

The top responses to the question “what should our working groups consider as they develop objectives, measures, and goals” are centered around these themes:

  • Accountability and keeping the process moving – make it actionable and measurable so we can see progress
  • Creating feedback loops, considering alternate perspectives, and accessibility to the process
  • SU Community engagement

These themes tell us that our community is engaged! More importantly, an engaged audience needs and deserves continuous communication on process and progress. Additionally, having a voice within the process was an important theme that was easily spotted within the data. 

These results have sparked ideas on how we can continue to keep our students, faculty, and staff engaged. We will continue general outreach and welcome feedback from the form on our website, which is checked weekly and incorporated into our planning sessions. We also plan on additional campus engagements as we move closer to a draft version of our plan. 

Additional themes apparent:

We saw this a few times so this is something we address in our working groups and our final plan: 

  • Define at all levels what the Scholarship First Agenda means for the units. How does everyone play a role?
  • Scholarship first reads – more money and scholarships to a large group, it was the 4th most popular response for feedback
  • Not overlooking staff as a vital piece of the equation
  • Parking was a hot topic to send feedback on!
  • The miscellaneous column included many unrelated plan comments but numerous items that should be addressed