Recent Progress

May 23, 2022

Over 300 faculty, staff and students are currently engaged and represented in the strategic planning committees and working groups, with every college, school, and unit represented. This includes more than 130 faculty members across the groups. All working groups (academic affairs, research, student success, talent, external affairs, and business/operations) are fully engaged and working on their goals, objectives, programs, and measures.

Values and Vision work continues with feedback from the working groups, steering committees, and various colleges and units. Office of Strategy has engaged Faculty Senate and Faculty/Staff affinity groups to discuss progress and future direction as we continue forward. LSU has engaged 3 external advisory boards with over 50 individuals from alumni, industry, and community. An LSU community survey produced nearly 1000 total responses with equal parts faculty, staff, and students – providing feedback and priority to several critical areas for planning.

Future/Next Steps:

Working groups will continue efforts to develop the goals, objectives, and programs, and engagement with external advisory boards will remain critical to our process. As we move towards a review with university leadership and deans, we plan to provide continuous communication with the community on process and progress.