Strategic Planning Survey

May 04, 2022

Dear LSU Community,

It’s been a month since our previous email on strategic planning, and we wanted to provide a short update. Strategic planning will continue over the next few months to produce a plan that meets President Tate’s approval and operationalizes the “Scholarship First Agenda.” Your perspective, voice, and recommendations will contribute tremendously to the overall effort. Regarding our progress, our six primary working groups are engaged in detailed planning within their respective focus areas: academics, research, student success, talent, external affairs, and business operations. We also have engaged three external advisory boards (alumni, community, and industry) and are eager to benefit from their perspectives and advice. Importantly, our Flagship Integration Committee will provide oversight, coordination, and additional perspective during the collective effort. Faculty, staff, and student body are substantially represented in every group.

The Office of Strategy continues to gather feedback and input on our Values and Vision efforts from units across the institution. As a reminder, at the beginning of that important exercise, a survey was sent to every member of our community, from which we received over 10,000 responses. The aggregated responses immeasurably contributed to the event’s overall success and the work that followed.

In hopes to achieve the same success with our strategic planning effort, we’re using another set of survey questions to gather and learn from your invaluable individual perspectives. Please consider this invitation, and if you decided to participate, take some time, reflect, and provide your feedback on the five survey questions found here. All input will be provided to the working groups and our integration committee for consideration in the development of this strategic plan. All feedback is greatly appreciated. Feedback can also be submitted through the website, so we welcome that as another means to communicate directly with this critically important planning effort.

This exciting effort will result in an intentional and documented body of thought, which will guide us forward for the next five years. The finished product will rest on a foundation of strong core values and provide the framework for the university to accomplish its missions and advance toward its vision of excellence. I can’t stress enough how critically important your participation is to the finalized strategic plan.

For more information about strategic planning or for anything mentioned in this message, please visit the Strategic Plan website.

Thank you for everything you do for LSU, and we wish you the very best as this academic year comes to a close.

Very Respectfully,

Mark Bieger
Vice President of Strategy