Survey & Feedback

participants of values and vision retreat

Values and Vision Retreat

To kick off our planning process, we asked every member of our community—faculty, staff, and students—to participate in a survey to set a baseline from which we will build. This yielded more than 11,000 responses, providing a unique view of our strengths and weaknesses and what we view as most important to LSU and our community.  

Having just concluded the first step to set our direction, we are moving into phase two where we will broaden our view and bring together members of our community—faculty, staff, students, and friends—to participate in transforming these aspirations into reality by helping us identify, design, and implement initiatives.  
We look forward to working alongside everyone to bring our vision to life for an even stronger LSU. If you have an idea for an initiative that supports our strategic direction, please share it with our university strategic planning team. 

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