Planning Structure

The LSU Flagship Committee Planning Structure is designed to ensure multiple and diverse perspectives, expertise from across the breadth and depth of the university, and a commitment to shared governance.  

The Committee Planning Structure establishes a Flagship Integration Committee to ensure the work of the numerous working groups is clear, aligned, and coordinated.

The six working groups will be led by two co-leads and will provide focus on critical areas of the university and enable a Scholarship First Agenda.

Each group will be 25 to 28 individuals across the university, with strong representation from our faculty, staff, and students. Ten sub-working groups will provide expert attention to 10 areas of research across STEM and the humanities.

Additionally, five functional area sub-working groups will provide additional focus, expertise, and attention on capacities of great importance to all areas of the university: bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data and computational science, professional education, and data analytics.

Representatives in each of the working groups were nominated by key leadership across the university to include deans, vice presidents, vice provosts, and our faculty and staff senates.

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