LSU Strategic Plan Framework

Introducing the Strategic Plan Framework

It all starts with talented people joining together for a purpose and using tools to achieve their personal and collective goals. 

Talented people with the right tools can fulfill the mission of serving students through education and preparation, research that enhances understanding and saves lives, and engagement through sharing of knowledge and talents in service to the common good.

Through service to Louisiana, we will be recognized nationally as a leader.

Our Values

Our shared principles unite us in character and action, guide our pursuit of collective priorities, and illuminate who we are as a community. The core values of the Statewide University fall under the collective banner of Scholarship First, a concept that embodies truth, integrity, excellence, and service. These values tie us in pursuit of our mission. They hold us accountable to a people-centric common standard, where we seek opportunities to help each other learn and grow, and remove the barriers that inhibit access to excellence.

Seek Truth

Truth-seeking is a foundational tenet of high education. Its pursuit is woven through the cultural fabric of our university. Faculty must know, understand, and sometimes create the tools necessary for truth-seeking. Helping students develop the skills to see through the multitude of human lenses to understand truth and deploy empathy is a crucial part of the educational process. It takes courage to stand against custom and tradition, but the role of a university is to share the truth. It is an unending pursuit of knowledge and then disseminating what’s acquired so that others can learn and benefit.

Embody Integrity

In pursuit of truth and in the conduct of our work and lives, we strive to do what is right for ourselves and for our community. Each day, we must act with honesty, respect, empathy, and always respect the fact that we are accountable to our students and to the people of Louisiana. We endeavor to do the right thing, to act with compassion, and to embrace each opportunity for growth, for progress and for service. If we fall short, we take on the responsibility to rectify the error. As we embody integrity, we collectively inspire one another to show up as our best selves and share our unique talents to shape the future for the greater good.

Empower Excellence

Excellence begets excellence. To be a member of the LSU family is to accept the responsibility of maintaining a trifecta of excellence: personally, compared to national competitors, and by example. It starts by making a personal commitment and then boldly transmitting that ethos to your team and community. Through effort and dedication, we create momentum that transfers to others around us and it becomes contagious.

Engaged  Service

A special Louisiana cultural feature is the degree to which people care for one another, and that permeates our academic endeavors. The state’s people support our work gaining knowledge and focusing on solutions, and we are desirous to return the yields of their investment. The quality of our service is dictated by the level of engagement with stakeholders, and the iterative process creates buy-in among all involved. We renew our commitment to that engagement through every child who visits campus, every student who attends our classes, every invention that drives industry, every patient who enters our clinics and hospitals, every hour spent on a community service project, every field day, every discovery that improves lives, every book written or art produced, and instance in which we disseminate knowledge. Our dedication to service is reinvigorated every time we open the doors of opportunity to those who have never been able to access and benefit from the services and support we offer. By engaging people in service to their needs, we are building a healthy and informed Louisiana which benefits the communities in the rest of the United States and beyond.