Video Services 

The Video Services Department provides a wide range of media services to support the LSU community. The services provided are:

  • Video Production
  • Radio Production
  • On-Hold Message Production
  • LSU Youtube Channel Management
  • Radio Interviews
  • Television Broadcast Uplink Facility
  • Archival Footage Storage – University beauty shots
  • Third-Party Video and Radio Production Contract Review / Approval

Production Requests

To have a production made for your department please contact your unit’s account manager or the director of video services. Project completion timelines vary due to the nature of the request. It is advisable to plan several months in advance for complex projects with scripts and at least a month in advance for any short-form material, such as short promotional pieces. Requests for projects fill quickly in advance. Last-minute projects are produced on a case-by-case basis, depending on department workload or university need. Projects that cannot be accommodated due to department availability can be produced by approved outside vendors.


To allow university units to create projects economically, the Video Services Department only charges for certain items.
Common costs for video projects include hard drives, voice overs, or any other services that are required by a third party vendor.

Outside Contractor Approval

The Video Services Department reviews and approves all contracts by third-party vendors for video, radio and multimedia productions. If a unit uses an approved vendor without contacting the Video Services Department, the LSU Office of Accounting Services will forward the vendor contract to the Video Services Department for approval. If the project is approved, the unit must supply a rough edit for approval to the Video Services Department at the end of the production process.


The Video Services Department provides expertise in multimedia production and can be contacted at any time if a unit requires knowledge support.

Rights Agreements

Many units like to use music for video or radio projects that are copyrighted works. The university is covered by a blanket ASCAP agreement, which will allow units to use contemporary music in their productions, provided that the music is covered by ASCAP. Units can search for ASCAP covered songs here:

Video Releases

Many units that wish to capture video or still photography must receive a signed release from those individuals featured in the video or photograph. Minors must have a release signed by parents of legal guardians. A copy of the release form can be obtained from the Division of Strategic Communications.

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