LSU Logo Signature System

The LSU signatures were developed as a means to provide unit-specific branding for colleges, divisions, departments, and offices across the campus. There are two variations of the LSU Signature, the parent signature and the unit identifier. These marks are set up exclusively by the LSU Division of Strategic Communications. Contact your marketing strategist for assistance in getting a mark set up for you. 

LSU Parent Signatures & Unit Identifiers

The unit identifiers and signatures can be used as a customized LSU logo for your unit. Subunits can use either their signature, or they can use their parent’s unit identifier and typeset their department name.  

All units must use their parent signature to set up their return addresses. Please see instructions below.

LSU Parent Signature

Parent signatures are the identifiers most campus units will use as logos. These signatures incorporate the LSU logo and the unit’s name along with the parent organization. The goal of parent signatures is to offer transparency to the LSU organizational structure through the visual identity system. Parent signatures allow customers interacting with LSU to easily distinguish the department with which they are communicating.


College of Science parent signature



LSU School of Kinesiology Parent Signature


LSU Unit Identifier

Also known as unit logos, the unit identifier is the vertical depiction of the LSU logo with the unit name typeset beneath it. The font used and the design of the logo are predetermined and are consistent for all senior colleges, centers, parent units, and divisions eligible to receive this mark. Subunits that report to these parent units may use either their parent’s unit identifier or their parent signature.


LSU Division of Strategic Communications Unit Identifier


LSU College of Science Unit Identifier


Displaying Multiple LSU Units

As campus units promote events and initiatives, you may find that you need to acknowledge multiple units on the same piece of collateral material. These materials should not repeat the LSU logo, instead the following multiunit signature should be used. The multiunit signature may be used if the following conditions are met:

  • Only two or three units are listed. If more than three campus units are involved, use the LSU logo for representation of a campus event or program. If recognition of the participating units is needed, neatly list the units on the bottom or any discreet area of the piece. 

  • All of the units listed are housed under separate parent organization. If the units involved are under the same parent organization, use either the parent signature or the LSU logo. Note that you may specify a specific department under a parent as long as the department is not under another unit listed (The example for official names below shows the Department of Biological Engineering, which is housed in the College of Engineering, with two other units. In this example, the College Engineering is omitted because the Department of Biological Engineering is the unit specifically involved in the event/initiative with the other two units).

  • The multiunit signature must be set up using Adobe InDesign. If you do not have capabilities to set up the signature yourself, contact your account manager a week in advance to request your multi-unit signature. If you do have capability to set up the signature using the Adobe InDesign template, you will need to do the following:
    • Contact your account manager to obtain the multi-unit signature file template.
    • Submit a request to obtain the Meta font. Click this link and scroll to the bottom of the page to access the Meta Font Request form.
    • Submit any piece containing a multi-unit signature for review and approval by sending a PDF to
      • All multiunit signatures must follow the template provided with no editing to type or logo size.
      • All multiunit signatures may only use the font, Meta.

Here is the brand-compliant means to address this issue:

Always use official unit names.

 Muti-Unit signatures using proper unit names


Always keep units with the same parent listed under the parent.

Multi-unit signature keeping parent groups together


If more than three units are involved in the initiative, use the LSU logo.

Multi-unit signature with too many units-DON'T


Mailing Panel Requirements

In order for LSU to properly maintain our nonprofit mailing indicia approval from the United States Postal Service, we must have a consistent return address style applied campus-wide. All return addresses for LSU direct mail pieces must be set up using the following format. The address copy may be any sans serif font. Meta is the font used in the example shown below. We recommend Helvetica or Arial if Meta is not available, however, as long as a basic sans serif is used, a different font may be selected.

Never use a serif, script or ornamental font for the return address. Never use a multiunit signature for a return address.

Return address setup

NOTE: The distance between the logo line and unit name should be equal to the distance between the baseline of the LSU logo or the unit name (whichever is lower) and the top of the first line of the return address.

Download Signatures

You will be required to login to myLSU to access the ZIP files containing the signatures.

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