Video Brand Guide

Strategic Communications Video Services provides LSU branded graphics for LSU units to use for all video projects. These graphics are designed to enhance the look of video projects throughout LSU and to compliment LSU’s cohesive branded vision. 

The following info contains the video graphic elements and their proper usage.



photo: lower third sample

Lower-third Graphic

Lower third graphics are used to display individual names and their position or job title. 

  • The top white portion is for the individual’s full name.
  • The bottom is for individual titles or descriptions. 
  • All fonts for the lower-thirds must be Roboto font
  • The lower third size must remain consistent throughout the video and must be located in the bottom left corner within the title safe area.
  • All lower thirds are already prepositioned for convenience in a 1920x1080 HD frame size.


photo: title cards sample

Title Cards

All title cards are to be used to display video information to the viewer prior to the start of the video.

  • The top portion is for any titles or description of the video.
  • The bottom portion is for dates and location of video if it is an event or lecture.

These graphic elements can be used to display data or bullet point information if needed for a video.


All colors for the video graphics conform to the LSU color guidelines and cannot be changed or modified.


These graphics are to be distributed to and used by LSU representatives and cannot be used for outside entities, unless to produce a video for an LSU unit.


Please review the Reviews/Approvals page for more information.