Important Updates from the Office of Parking & Transportation Services


As you may have seen, the new street project near Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Science and the Co-Gen Plant has been, for the most part, completed, with some minor landscape tasks remaining.  The new street configuration, which has now extended Fieldhouse Drive to South Stadium Drive, includes bike lanes on each side of the street and wider sidewalks.  This will be the prototype of streets that we are looking to move towards in the future, as funds and opportunities present themselves. 


Along with the project, we will be creating a new “B” permitted lot in the old street area near the Co-Gen plant to replace some of the spaces that were lost when the street was re-aligned.  Eventually, the street will be extended across South Stadium to Etienne de Boer’ and will connect to Nicholson Extension.  Some of the work to improve the street along Etienne de Boer’ has been completed, including demolition of the old SNCC building, to make way for the improved street.  We are not sure when this project will begin, as it is dependent on funding, but we hope to get started soon.


One other project along Fieldhouse Drive that will be occurring this week is the re-configuration of parking along the street to work in coordination with the bus hub in front of Lockett and Journalism.  We are working to create “break” spaces for the buses in order to keep buses on break that are temporarily out of service out of the flow of the regular bus traffic in hopes of reducing the congestion that can occur at times around the Cox Communication traffic circle.  We have started some work and will complete the remainder this week.  This work will involve relocating all parking to the west side of Fieldhouse Drive and implementing angled parking.  Along with this work, new accessible ramps will be built to coincide with pedestrian crosswalks. 


We are also working on improvement of the pedestrian corridor along CEBA Lane that connects the parking lots along Nicholson Extension with the interior of campus.  This work started last week and should be completed over the next two weeks.


I hope this helps you to remain in the loop on current Parking projects, so you can answer any questions, comments and/or concerns from your constituents. 


Please know that you can always contact me for additional information or to offer other suggestions from you or your constituents. Parking & Transportation Services will continue to be available to assist you and to improve the campus and infrastructure needs as it relates to parking.


Much appreciated,

Jeff Campbell

LSU | Sr. Director

Admin. Services, Risk Mgt. & Parking

(225) 578 5008