October 18, 2017


President Michelle Lowery presided over the October 18, 2017, Staff Senate meeting held at the Capital Chamber Room (329) in the LSU Student Union at 10:30 a.m. 





Executive/Administrator/ Manager   

P - Kucharchuk, Kayla (’18)

P - Millican, Tammy (’20)


P - Matkovic, Igor (’20)


P - Green, Elizabeth (’18)

Pr - Henry, Jake (’18)

P - Lowery, Michelle (’18)

P – Nahmens, Lynn (’18)

P - Ortiz, Shelly (’18)

P - Springstead, Jennifer (’18)

Pr - Villien, Douglas (’18)

P - Henry, Rachel (’19)

P – Levesque, Jonathan (’19)

P - Reonas, Barbara (’19)

P - Rios, Hector (’19)

A – Braud, Jennifer (’20)

P – Calderara, Derek (’20)

P – Clemmons, Jill (’20)

P – Hernandez, Kristen (’20)

P - Lemoine, Nathan (’20)

P – Padilla, Osmar (’20)

P – Stone, Megan (’20)

Skilled Crafts

P - Adedeji, Funmilayo (’19)

P - Corbitt, Brent (’18)



P - Cherry, Aaron (‘20)



P - Salvadras, Amber (’18)

P - Arnold, Nancy (’19)

P - Thibodeaux, Ashley (’19)


A - Indicates Absent               

P - Indicates Present

Pr - Indicates Proxy


Provost Rick Koubek, Academic Affairs

Danielle Welborn, LSU Planning, Design & Construction

Dennis Mitchell, LSU Planning, Design & Construction

Sai Pinnepalli, Facility & Property Oversight

Joseph Impastato, LSU Student Government

Brian Ainsworth, Campus Federal Credit Union

Hollie Bishop, Campus Federal Credit Union

Vice Provost Dereck Rovaris, Office of Diversity



The meeting was called to order by President Michelle Lowery at 10:30 a.m.



There was a quorum with two proxies noted.



Senator Hector Rios led the Pledge of Allegiance.


APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – September 20, 2017, Staff Senate Meeting

A motion to accept the minutes was made by Member-at-Large Barbara Reonas. The motion, seconded by Senator Aaron Cherry, carried.



Provost Koubek thanked the Staff Senate for the invitation to speak regarding LSU’s Strategic Plan 2025. He mentioned that some have already heard the conversation regarding the Strategic Plan but he wanted to discuss why LSU did it and to give everyone a view point of how it all started and why it is mission critical for us as an institution to move forward.


  • Data from 2002-2009, the institution was really hard charging.
  • We added faculty, the student body was growing, raises were happening and renovations were happening.
  • In 2010 is when we started to hit hard times and our whole balance sheet was turned upside down.
  • The number of faculty began to decline, the quality of student body didn’t go up in any significant manner and raises were not happening.
  • LSU went from 70% state funded to 20% state funded.
  • We had to begin to operate in a different way.
  • We may have to get smaller to become greater.
  • We can be mediocre, which can be risky in the long run.
  • The faculty and staff will be the impetus to move the university forward.
  • The original charter from 1877 was reviewed.
  • We are about being future leaders of the state.
  • Areas that LSU needs to support and promote
  • We need to be uniquely LSU.
  • Stragetic plan already in place and seeing results with faculty hires, support of state legislature maintaining our budget, and increased enrollement.
  • Strategic plan includes institutional framework of career excellence and enrichment, service and operational excellence and student success.


He mentioned some of the outcomes.


  • We will increase our enrollment from 30,000 to 35,000.
  • The Campus Master Plan will revitalize the campus.
  • Administration commitment to fix the compensation issue.
  • The quality of the education will be premier.
  • LSU will be the premier choice of most students


He opened the floor for questions.


Q: What are you hoping for with the service excellence standard and how can staff assist?

A: Finance & Administrative Services and Academic Affairs have joined together on one of the four pillars of the institution which is employee development and service excellence. He emphasized on service excellence where everyone has to give very high quality customer service when interacting with people, internal and external. Departments will need to begin looking at initiatives to improve their customer service. At some point, LSU will be putting out metrics which will help measure the degree of success.


Q: Would that be through surveys?

A: Yes


Q: What is the timeline for identifying action items and metrics?

A: By January, they are expecting a draft on service excellence, then possibly some pilot studies will begin. In February, LSU will consult with an outside company to assist in establishing customer service plans. Each Unit has to come up with their own Strategic Plan which is part of accreditation.


Q: With regards to diversifying Louisiana’s economy, will we be offering new degree programs? If so, which ones?

A: The College of Human Sciences and Education just released a Film and Digital Media Arts. The entrepreneurship degree was just implemented in the College of Business. It’s a dual degree. There will be inter-disciplinary degrees focusing on two subjects instead of one subject degrees.


Q: Will there be more options for online majors?

A: Online and Continuing Education is being merged into LSUnlimited to create the architecture to establish online majors. The President has put out a request to have as many off campus students as on campus. We have 24,000 undergraduate students on campus and about 780 online students. We also have Continuing Education andgraduate programs and we have some undergraduate classes coming online, those three things have been mismanaged and had different funding models which is not working anymore. That is all being restructured to be transparent.  


Q: Do you know if bringing those programs together would include extending the Tuition Exemption Program for staff to LSU Online Programs?

A: Yes.


President Lowery thanked Provost Koubek for attending and sharing this information.



Dennis Mitchell thanked the Staff Senate for the invitation to speak regarding Campus Addressing and Master Plan Roadway naming Modernization Plan.


He mentioned some Addressing Goals.


  • Shorten Emergency Response Time
  • Direct Campus Visitors to the Appropriate Entrances
  • Improve Mail Delivery Efficiencies
  • Congruent with the East baton Rouge City-Parish Addressing System


With Campus Addressing:


  • Follow Traditional Addressing
  • Smart Technology
  • Wayfinding


Mitchell mentioned:

  • Master Plan recently completed and now can update campus addresses and upgrade our road names.
  • For instance, CEBA Lane will become Engineering Lane.


He mentioned what is next:


  • Review the Map (
  • Comments due in 1 week
  • Email comments to


With regards to implementation and roll out:


  • Departmental Action – Update Business Cards, Email Signatures, Letterhead, Website, Marketing Documents and Voicemail and Greeting
  • Campus Action – Update Wayfinding Signage on Buildings and Roadways


He opened the floor for questions.


Q: How will this affect student housing?

A:All buildings will have addresses. Residential Life is looking forward to having this.  


Q: What street names will change?

A: Nicholson Extension will change to South Quad Drive, Raphael Semmes will change to Parade Ground Circle, and some streets that were not named will be named.


Q: Will Businesses outside of LSU be notified?

A: That will be a part of the next step where everyone will be notified. Meetings are being set-up with some of the key stakeholders.


Q: With the multiple addresses associated with buildings, how will we know what is the main address?

A: That has been identified with a color coded map.


Q: Will the evacuation routes be updated?

A: Yes


Q: How are the main addresses chosen?

A: It was chosen by what was logical and easy access for first responders.


Q: How will this be loaded into Workday?

A: That is being worked on now.


Q: Will all campus apartments have their own address?

A: Every building has an address and some have multiple or sub-addresses.


Q: How does this reflect in Campus Mail?

A: It won’t change much but will help with efficiency with sorting.


Q: For addresses that don’t exist, how does this get updated with Google Maps?

A: It will be sent to Google to update. The City also works with Google for updating.


President Lowery thanked Dennis Mitchell for attending and sharing this information.



Lowery reported on the meetings she attended.


October 3 – Staff Senate Executive Committee Meeting

  • Discussed promotional items for the Benefits Fair. Later approved the purchase of 125 mini car chargers and 125 media loungers.
  • Discussed other fundraising options, which will be included later in new business.
  • Discussed inviting LSU Police Department to be the guest speaker at the January meeting.


October 6 – APIC Committee Meeting

  • Former Senator Shelly Ortiz resigned from Staff Senate
  • President-Elect Tammy Millican attended in her place. She will serve on the committee for the remainder of the year and next year as Staff Senate President for consistency.
  • Major portion of the meeting involved a presentation from Julie Perkins, College of Music and Dramatic Arts, on the supplier registration process.
  • The Employee Hub was discussed and having all the department’s Newsletters posted in one place.


October 12 – Council of Staff Advisors

  • Past-President Doug Villien is currently leading the group since no officers have been nominated.
  • The council is reviewing changes to the structure of the group that were suggested in May of 2016. Changes include adding a mission and vision as well as the chair rotating to each campus instead of main campus serving as the default if no one is nominated for a position.


October 13 – Board of Supervisors

  • Board of Supervisors Committee Meetings, 10:00-11:45 a.m.
  • Board of Supervisors General Meeting, 1:00-2:15 p.m.
  • Presented the Council of Staff Advisors Report
  • Shared information about LSU Staff Senate
  • Committee Changes
  • Strategic Plan
  •  Legislation – Lactation Policy & Procedures
  • Invitation to Holiday on Campus
  • Next meeting will be held in New Orleans on December 8


Lowery also reported that:

  • Received a text from Jason Droddy on October 4, that the President had approved the Staff Senate Bylaw changes and the official approval was received on October 10, in a memo from the LSU President.


  • On October 10, she had a brief conversation with the Provost about the LSU Staff Senate Strategic Plan. The President shared her email with him regarding changes to the bylaws and committee structure. He was particularly interested in our Strategic Plan and was complimentary of the fact that we are putting steps in place to hold ourselves accountable with the strategic objectives and performance indicators.



The Staff Benefits, Policies and Development Committee Reports for the meetings held on September 6, and October 4, were included in the meeting packet for review.



The Marketing Committee Reports for the meetings held on September 21, and October 16, were included in the meeting packet for review.



The Board of Supervisors Liaison Report for the meeting held on September 8, was included in the meeting packet for review.


The Civil Service Commission Liaison Report for the meeting held on September 6, was included in the meeting packet for review.


The Diversity Action Team Report for the meeting held on August 26, was included in the meeting packet for review.


The Facilities Design and Development Liaison Reports for the meetings held on August 17, and September 14, were included in the meeting packet for review.


The IT Governance Council Liaison Report for the meeting held on September 12, was included in the meeting packet for review.



Vote on Resolution No. 17-01 – Implementation of a University Lactation Policy & Procedures


The Resolution Draft recommended and voted on is attached as Appendix A.


The Policy Draft recommended and voted on is attached as Appendix B.


A motion to accept Resolution 17-01 and the Policy was made by Senator Rachel Henry. The motion, seconded by President-Elect Tammy Millican, carried. All were in favor. No one opposed.


Annual Benefits Fair & Kendra Scott Give Back Night Volunteer Sign-ups


Senator Volunteers are needed for:

Annual Benefits Fair is scheduled on Thursday, October 19, 2017, from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Kendra Scott Give Back Night is scheduled on Thursday, November 2, 2017, from 4:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Sign-up sheets were circulated for participation.


Staff Senate Budget

Treasurer Ashley Thibodeaux reported on Staff Senate Budget for October 2017.


A copy of the written report in a new format was included in the October Meeting Packet.


Staff Senate Gift Fund

The guidelines were announced. Senators were encouraged to contribute $10 to the LSU Staff Senate Gift Fund this year. There was a suggestion for electronic payments instead of paying by cash or check. Melonie will research with the Bursar’s Office about paying electronically and report next month.



LSU Staff T-Shirt Fundraiser


Lowery announced that there have been conversations regarding holding a fundraiser for LSU Staff T-Shirts. Suggestions were:


  • T-Shirts are too casual to wear to work.
  •  A polo style shirt would be preferred.
  •  We could possibly research different options for online charitable fundraising where anyone could order any type of clothing with the LSU Staff logo included.
  • This can be marketed with the Strategic Plan in mind as being recognized as a staff member.
  • The Marketing Committee will be tasked with review some options.


Vacant Committee/Liaison Assignments – Finance & Governmental Relations Co-Chair


Staff Senate Representatives are needed for:

  • Co-Chair for the Finance & Governmental Relations Committee – the floor was opened for an interest in serving.


Future Guest Speakers


Suggestions for future meetings are:

  • Roger Husser - Campus Master Plan – Construction Projects on Campus – November 2017
  • UREC – Tour – Holiday Potluck – December 2017
  • Campus Federal Credit Union – December 2017
  •  LSU Police Department – January 2018


Civil Service Employees at LSU


Thibodeaux mentioned that with regards to Classified Employees:


  • There has been significant loss for classified employees for the ability to promote with the realignment that HRM is doing with positions.
  • As positions are being vacated by classified staff, the position is being turned into professional positions.
  • Some members are stuck in their positions because there is no equivalency offered even though they have many years of service.
  • We need to open dialogue with HRM regarding these positions and possibly having current classified employees grandfathered in.


Lowery suggested that the Staff Senate Executive Committee have an introductory meeting with HRM regarding some of these concerns. If anyone else would like to be included, please let her know.   



Staff Senator Birthdays


President Michelle Lowery announced that Senator Jennifer Braud celebrated her birthday on October 2nd, Senator Elizabeth Green celebrated her birthday on October 12th and Secretary Nancy Arnold will celebrate her birthday on October 31st Happy Birthday!


Candy is needed for the Goodie Bags for Holiday on Campus and we also need door prizes. If your department has some items that you could donate, that would be great.


The New Staff Reception for the day and evening shift employees was discussed. The Staff Senate agreed to move both receptions in the spring, to both be held in January or February.


She Geauxs the Women’s Leadership Conference will be held on Wednesday, November 1. Registration is filling up. Volunteer opportunities will be available for those who may not be able to afford the conference fees.


The LSU Student Union has added some accessible AV to some of the rooms for all of your needs if needed.


Closing the Gaps: Working Towards Holistic Wellness will be held on October 15, at 11:30 a.m. in the Dalton J. Woods Auditorium at the Energy, Coast and Environment Building. Everyone is invited.


The next Staff Senate Social will be held on Friday, October 27, at 11:30 a.m. at the 459 Dining Hall.


Take Back the Night was held on Sunday, October 15, over 300 people attended. The Violence against Women Act is due to be updated with the Legislature in 2018.   


MOTION TO ADJOURN – With there being no more business, Senator Aaron Cherry moved to adjourn.  The motion, seconded by Senator Brent Corbitt carried.  The meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.


Nancy Arnold, Secretary