November 15, 2017


President Michelle Lowery presided over the November 15, 2017, Staff Senate meeting held at the Capital Chamber Room (329) in the LSU Student Union at 10:30 a.m. 





Executive/Administrator/ Manager        

P - Kucharchuk, Kayla (’18)

P - Millican, Tammy (’20)


A - Matkovic, Igor (’20)


P - Green, Elizabeth (’18)

A - Henry, Jake (’18)

P - Lowery, Michelle (’18)

P – Nahmens, Lynn (’18)

P - Springstead, Jennifer (’18)

P - Villien, Douglas (’18)

P - Henry, Rachel (’19)

P – Levesque, Jonathan (’19)

P - Reonas, Barbara (’19)

P - Rios, Hector (’19)

P – Braud, Jennifer (’20)

P – Calderara, Derek (’20)

P – Clemmons, Jill (’20)

P – Hernandez, Kristen (’20)

P - Lemoine, Nathan (’20)

P – Padilla, Osmar (’20)

P – Stone, Megan (’20)

Skilled Crafts

P - Adedeji, Funmilayo (’19)

P - Corbitt, Brent (’18)



P - Cherry, Aaron (‘20)



Pr - Salvadras, Amber (’18)

P - Arnold, Nancy (’19)

P - Thibodeaux, Ashley (’19)


A - Indicates Absent               

P - Indicates Present

Pr - Indicates Proxy


Brian Vermeire, Human Resource Management

Joseph Impastato, LSU Student Government

Roxane Berthelot, Campus Federal Credit Union

Brian Ainsworth, Campus Federal Credit Union



The meeting was called to order by President Michelle Lowery at 10:30 a.m.



There was a quorum with one proxy noted.



Senator Kristen Hernandez led the Pledge of Allegiance.


APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – October 18, 2017, Staff Senate Meeting

A motion to accept the minutes was made by Past-President Douglas Villien. The motion, seconded by Member-at-Large Barbara Reonas, carried.



Brian Vermeire thanked the Staff Senate for the invitation to speak regarding the changes in benefits for 2018 which will go into effect January 1.


Annual Enrollment


  • LSU First and Voluntary Benefits selection options closed on October 31
  • The Flexible Spending Account, Prudential Life and Office of Group Benefits plan selection options are open until  4:00 p.m. today, November 15
  • Identity Theft Protection can enroll anytime


2018 Benefit Offerings


  • Health Insurance – LSU First (Option 1 or 2), Pelican HRA, Pelican HSA, Magnolia Local Plus, Magnolia Open Access and Vantage
  • Supplemental Insurance – Dental (Basic or Enhanced), Vision, Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Long Term Disability, Accident protection, Critical Illness, Long Term Care, Identity Theft Protection, Flexible Spending Accounts, Healthcare Spending and Dependent Care Spending


2018 Benefit Changes


LSU First

  • 6.8 % Premium Increase for both Options
  • In-Network providers will be covered at 80/20% coinsurance
  • Brand and Specialty medication will be covered at 80/20% coinsurance, following satisfaction of deductible, up to a maximum of $150 co-pay per 30-day supply
  • Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) rollover maximum limited to 1 time current year HRA
  • HRA rollover will apply to First Choice providers and Generic medications


Magnolia Local Plus

  • $1,000 increase to the Out-of-Pocket Maximum
  • $50 increase to ER co-pay


Magnolia Open Access

  • $1,000 increase to the Out-of-Pocket Maximum


5% premium increase


Prudential Life

Currently in emergency bidding process

No changes to UHC Voluntary Life

Premium may increase if switching age bands


Long Term Care
Premium increase – UNUM to release in December


Identity Protection

Identity Theft Protection offered through Identity Force
Child Watch is included at no extra charge for payroll-deducted employees
Enroll and cancel at any time
Effective the 1st of the following month
Benefit is available for Retirees and Part-Time employees
Additional $2.75/child
Contact Human Resources for enrollment instructions

LSU First Dependent Audit


LSU First, in partnership with Hodges-Mace, LLC is performing a dependent audit
Deadline is November 19
Failure to submit required documentation may result in loss of coverage

He opened the floor for questions.

Q: What does the HRA rollover maximum limited to 1 time current year HRA mean?

A: You can roll the balance over to the next year up to the annual benefit allowed per year.


Q: Will we see the same premium increase for next year?

A: It is hard to say. The reason for the increases are due to the cost of the plan and the medical bills coming in which has to balance out. LSU is taking a loss every year.


Q: Do you get a monthly report or are contacted if there is a problem with Identity Protection?

A: You will only be contacted if there is a problem but you can go online anytime and check your account, once a login has been created. 


Q: Is the Identity Theft cost of $2.75 each month per child for all who enroll?

A: That Benefit is only for Retirees and Part-Time employees children. Full Time employees who are enrolled with a family, can have as many included as needed.


Q: For the Dependent Audit, how is that verified when new employee are enrolled?

A: Human Resource will verify.


Q: If there is an issue after the Audit paperwork is submitted, will the employee be notified before the deadline?

A: As long as the paperwork is submitted on time, any issues can be worked out if needed. It takes about a week for approval. If submitted online, the status can verified online as well.


Q: Will this Audit happen during every open annual enrollment?

A: This is a one-time thing for now. It has been 15 years since this type of audit was done.


Q: Due to the serious security issue with a third party regarding birth certificates, how will those be handled once verification happens?

A: He is not sure but will ask the administrators


Q: What other agencies are enrolled under the LSU First Plan?

A: State Legislators, employees who work for LSU and anyone who had it but maybe left LSU for another state agency. That has been stopped.   


President Lowery thanked Brian Vermeire for attending and sharing this information.



Lowery reported on the meetings she attended.


October 27 – Staff Senate Lunch

  • Ten Senators and one former Senator attended.


October 30 – Scholarship Meeting

  • Discussed plans for the Candy Grams and Decorating Contest with Elizabeth Green


November 2 – Service and Operational Excellence Committee

  • Eighteen (18) staff/faculty members included
  • Chaired by Heather Herman and Tyler Kearney
  • Discussed broad committee goals
  • Identify internal and external constituents
  • Define service and operational excellence for LSU?
  • What are the top 3 things we want our constituents to say about any experience with LSU?
  • What are the top 3 things we want constituents to say about our unit?

Briefly discussed industry examples

Montana State University

University of South Florida

University System of Georgia

  • Next steps to include possibly hiring a consultant and developing a timeline (potentially 2 years)
  • Next meeting should include a presentation from potential consultant regarding her background at Disney and how she’s taken what she learned there and applied it to the University community


November 3 – APIC Committee Meeting

  • Tiffany Robinson from Procurement discussed the supplier registration process
  • They have already updated their website for suppliers to be more customer friendly
  • The supplier registration was not included in the Workday system so it is added by hand once suppliers are approved.
  • Updates to the Employee Hub website were discussed
  • There is a Shorts Travel Survey for employees to participate on the APIC website
  • Other discussion – Mutual respect


November 7 – Staff Senate Executive Committee Meeting

  • Received request to review the HRM Staff Handbook
  • Discussed the Holiday broadcast email
  • Some topics that will be discussed today such as mutual respect
  • Give Back Night Proceeds – Defer to Melonie to announce funds raised
  • Finance & Governmental Relations Co-Chair Vacancy filled by Senator Derek Calderara
  • Changes to speakers for the November meeting given changes to Benefits, moving Roger Husser to February to discuss the Master Plan


November 8 – Holiday Spectacular Partners Meeting

  • Defer to Senator Springstead to include in HOC report


November 14 – Council of Staff Advisors

  • Met with Doug and Melonie to strategize about the use of the group and recommend changes to PM-37.


Lowery also reported that:


  • No Board of Supervisors meeting in November.
  • Sent resolution to those listed for the Lactation Policy. Received email from Faculty Senate President, Ken McMillin, asking if we’d like them to present and pass a resolution at the Faculty Senate meeting on December 8.



The Staff Benefits, Policies and Development Committee Report for the meeting held on November 8, was included in the meeting packet for review.


The Finance and Governmental Relations Committee meeting is scheduled on Friday, December 8, 2017, at 2:00 p.m. in 226 Hatcher Hall.



The Scholarship Committee Report for the meeting held on November 2, was included in the meeting packet for review.



The Civil Service Commission Liaison Reports for the meetings held on October 4, and November 1, were included in the meeting packet for review.


The Diversity Action Team Reports for the meetings held on October 24, and October 31, were included in the meeting packet for review.


The Faculty Senate Liaison Report for the meeting held on October 5, was included in the meeting packet for review.


The Office of Group Benefits Liaison Report for the meeting held on August 10, was included in the meeting packet for review.


The Student Government Liaison gave a verbal report of some of their most recent efforts.



Staff Senate Budget


Treasurer Ashley Thibodeaux reported on Staff Senate Budget for November 2017.


The Staff Senate was able to raise $311.74 for the Kendra Scott Give Back Night.


A copy of the written report was included in the November Meeting Packet.



Committee Metrics for Strategic Planning


The Long Range Review and Planning Committee needs Strategic Plan metrics from Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs as soon as possible. 


The next Communications Committee will be held tentatively on January 10, 2018.


Future Guest Speakers

Suggestions for future meetings are:

  • UREC – Tour – Holiday Potluck – December 2017
  • Campus Federal Credit Union – December 2017
  • LSU Police Department – January 2018
  • Roger Husser - Campus Master Plan – Construction Projects on Campus – February 2018



Staff Senator Birthdays


President Michelle Lowery announced that Senator Aaron Cherry celebrated his birthday on November 7th and Senator Megan Stone will celebrate her birthday on November 17th Happy Birthday!


The LSU Union exclusivity to use LSU Catering will be lifted as of January 2018.  Any Procurement approved caterer will be allowed to come onto the Union space. She anticipates that this announcement will be released on the website in December.  


Candy is needed for the Goodie Bags for Holiday on Campus and we also need door prizes. If your department has some items that you could donate, that would be greatly appreciated.


IT Governance is looking for suggestions regarding the Workday Student Modernization Project on Past-President Villien encouraged Senators with issues or suggestions to please submit those on the website. At the December Governance Meeting, there will be a vote to either move forward with this implementation or not in Workday. There are three end user sessions scheduled on November 28, 1:30-3:30 p.m., November 29, 9:00-11:00 a.m.and November 30, 1:00-3:00 p.m. in 206-207 Frey Computing Services Center.


Closing the Gaps: Exploring the Gender Wage Gap sponsored by the University Council on Gender Equity will be held on Wednesday, November 29, at 11:00 a.m. in the Vet School Auditorium – Everyone  is invited to attend


MOTION TO ADJOURN – With there being no more business, President-Elect Tammy Millican moved to adjourn.  The motion, seconded by Treasurer Ashley Thibodeaux carried.  The meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.


Nancy Arnold, Secretary