November 17, 2016


President Trey Truitt presided over the November 17, 2016, Staff Senate meeting held in room 121G at the Administrative Support Building at 10:30 a.m. 




Executive/Administrator/ Manager           


Pr - Matkovic, Igor (’17)

P - Cherry, Aaron (‘17)


Pr - DeRoche, Jon (’17)

P - Kucharchuk, Kayla (’17)

P- Lemoine, Nathan (’17)

P - Lopez, Ramon (’17)

P - Lowery, Michelle (’17)

P - Millican, Tammy (’17)

P - Reonas, Barbara (’17)

P - Spurlock, Maggi (’17)

P - Steib, Summer (’17)

P - Truitt, Trey (’17)

P - Villien, Douglas (’17)

Pr - Gomez, Jennifer (’18)

P - Linam, Barrett (’18)

P - Ortiz, Shelly (’18)

P - Poret, Elizabeth (’18)

P - Springstead, Jennifer (’18)

Pr - Waguespack, Darcy (’18)

Pr - Ethridge, Jade (’19)

P - Henry, Rachel (’19)

Pr - Heroman, Stephanie (’19)

P - Rios, Hector (’19)

Skilled Crafts

P - Adedeji, Funmilayo (’19)



P - Corbitt, Brent (’17)



P - Salvadras, Amber (’18)

P - Arnold, Nancy (’19)

P - Thibodeaux, Ashley (’19)


A - Indicates Absent               

P - Indicates Present

Pr - Indicates Proxy


Dr. Russell Matthews, Bowling Green University

Brian Ainsworth, Campus Federal Credit Union

Casey Coughlin, Campus Federal Credit Union



The meeting was called to order by President Trey Truitt at 10:30 a.m.



There was a quorum with six proxies noted.



Senator Ashley Thibodeaux led the Pledge of Allegiance.


APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – October 19, 2016, Staff Senate Meeting


Senator Nancy Arnold sent some changes electronically before the meeting.


A motion to accept the minutes as amended was made by President-Elect Michelle Lowery. The motion, seconded by Senator Summer Steib, carried.



President Trey Truitt introduced Dr. Russell Matthews, who is an Associate Professor and the Sandman Professor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Bowling Green State University. Dr. Matthews earned his PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, with graduate certificates in quantitative research methods and occupational health psychology, from the University of Connecticut. His research focuses on worker well-being with an emphasis on the work-family interface. To date, Dr. Matthews has published 50+ peer reviewed articles in a variety of journals.


He is a former faculty member at LSU and has been invited to campus for his Quality of Life Lecture Series, sponsored by the School of Human Resource Education & Workforce Development. Dr. Matthews will speak on unlocking the scientific secrets to maintaining the work-life balance.  With 10+ years of practical experience consulting with regional and national organizations, city municipalities, and various government agencies, Dr. Matthews works with organizational stakeholders to identify and implement solutions in order to make meaningful contributions to improve employee quality of life.   


Dr. Matthews mentioned that his talk focuses on work-life balance, but he actually studies when career and family don’t operate well together. He is considered an expert on when things go wrong, and how that plays out. One of the biggest challenges with regard to his research is recognizing the role that leaders play in helping each other manage work and family, which can be very challenging. Dr. Matthews has done a fair amount of research with staff at various universities. He opened the floor for questions and discussion.


Q: Is there any key issue that you noticed while researching this topic?


A: Dr. Matthews recommends refraining from going online and searching, “how do I balance work and family better.” That will garner some of the worst recommendations he has ever seen. His personal favorite was one that said, “Before you go to bed, think about all of the things that went wrong in your life today and let them go.” This is not a productive recommendation, though there is some advice that is better. One helpful tool is having structure. There is this ongoing debate in literature that you should have as much flexibility in your life as possible and to find a job that allows flexibility, but we all know that sometimes that is just not possible. Often, we are told when to be there and what we need to do. What he has found is that having flexibility in small increments is more important than when you have complete autonomy as to when you go to work and go home. Believe it or not, you’ve heard this 100 times, but getting more sleep is the key for a lot of people.


Some other incorrect advice circulating is to put your kids to bed early, so you have more “Me” time, which is very difficult. But trying to have a routine and structure is paramount. With regard to structure, you should go to bed and wake up about the same time every day, regardless of the weekend. There are ineffective recommendations out there, but trying to find shortcuts is not necessarily a bad thing.  


Senator Rachel Henry mentioned that Dr. Matthews’ lecture is scheduled today at 3:00 p.m. in the International Room in the LSU Union. The College of Human Science and Education is doing a lecture series and their mission is to improve the quality of life of our staff and faculty. You do not have to reserve space; just show up.


Q: You mentioned that supervisors have an impact on work-life balance. What are some strategies, or things that you could recommend, for supervisors to look for to help their employees?


A: Dr. Matthews mentioned that this is a struggle because some people are put into supervisory roles who did not choose leadership. So first, if there is a selection, it’s recommended to place those people in supervisory roles, who are able to talk and be open. One of the things he stresses to a lot of supervisors is just because someone has kids and someone doesn’t, should not lend to inequalities in the workplace. You cannot give the 5 o’clock phone meeting to the employee without children. There has to be a balance when you are assigning responsibilities; they must be shared in a fair manner.  One of the things that we found helpful when talking to managers is that employees are actually quite creative when managing work, and employees actually want to help out other employees. It’s more about giving the employee and supervisors the autonomy to make those decisions on how to share the work, to ensure it gets done.  A lot of supervisors do not like to give up that control. They feel like they have to make those decisions. However, if the employees are more effective, this will reflect more positively on the manager, rather than dealing with every single responsibility.


Dr. Matthews mentioned that there are no direct solutions here. Mostly, it boils down to fair and open lines of communication. And it’s interesting because there has to be a culture for that; it’s not something that develops overnight. Many times, people fail to recognize the added flow with managing work and family. His favorite example occurs when things are going great, you are managing work and family well, and then your child gets the flu. That can throw off everything. Just yesterday, you thought things were wonderful, but the next day it’s like everything is falling apart quickly, so there is this added flow that people need to get used to and accept that some things are just going to be tougher to manage. People are actually very resilient. We tend to bounce back from many things, one of which is through life satisfaction. If you ask them, about 80% of people will report most all aspects of their lives are actually pretty good. So leveraging employee happiness, when talking with supervisors, reminds managers that employees may just need a little extra help. Also important to keep in mind, if you have a disabled co-worker, or within the work/family realm, the accommodations required by law usually tend to be very minor. Letting employees off a little early so they can go and pick up their child will oftentimes be repaid very quickly in another manner. Recognizing that there should be a give and take is really important. Communication is really what it comes down to, and employees feeling that they can communicate with their supervisors about their specific needs. Supervisors should also be realistic in their communication of expectations for their employees.


Q: Are there any key things in your research, showing that there is a challenge with work-life balance (like adjusting things)?


A: We know for instance, working non-traditional schedules can be tough for a lot of people; but actually, some people engage in non-traditional schedules so that they can manage work and family better. Oftentimes there is a tradeoff, so that one spouse will be at home with the kids, while the other spouse is at work.  So recognizing that there is no one size fits all, with regard to scheduling. Another challenge is not getting paid enough. Also, travel can be challenging. One bad commute in, can really set off your entire day to be horrible, and the same if you have a bad commute home, which can set off your time at home. It can make all the work stress magnified by 10 times when you get home.  His personal favorite is “Hangry”, hunger combined with anger. Dr. Matthews reports that he knows when he gets angry easily, he should eat something. Sadly, people are horrible at self-assessing this. Another good example is eating correctly; having coffee late at night, for instance, means you probably won’t sleep as well. You do it in the immediate but the ramifications can be long term.


Q: Are you going to touch on, how to not bring that stress home, during your lecture series?


A: That topic is briefly covered. A study was done on about 750 working adults in the United States, and one of the main objectives was whether, of the advice that’s out there, can real actionable solutions be distilled. Some are relatively universal, but one of the biggest things is making sure you get enough sleep. One of the things he thinks is also important is that we approach it again, as one size does not fit all. There are a couple of unique recommendations for women and men. For men, expressing their emotions helps with much more balance and ego depletion. His lecture will touch on that and also touch on some recommendations for supervisors. The talk is more about how to think about work and family a little more objectively.


President Truitt thanked Dr. Matthews for speaking with the full Senate today and is looking forward his lecture series throughout the next couple of days.   



President Truitt announced that he has updated his shared spreadsheet through Microsoft Office 365, “One Drive”, with his attended meetings, to keep the full Senate informed throughout the month.


President Truitt shared that on October 21, he attended the Board of Supervisors meeting in New Orleans at the new Medical Center Complex. If you ever have the chance, take a tour. It was an extremely impressive facility. This facility was built in partnership with Tulane, LSU and the Veteran’s Affairs Program. One of the key initiatives to come out of that meeting was the announcement of three new scholarships for incoming students. There was an official development and approval of offering faculty and staff a tuition benefit for their dependents who are enrolled at LSU. Although this initiative does not mirror the proposal of staff member Andrea Jones, which included a tuition remission for all dependents, this is the beginning phase. The other approved scholarship was for the expansion of the LSU Tiger Legacy Scholarship into the State of Texas, and a final scholarship initiative was written for a nation-wide recipient.   


On October 23, President Truitt participated in Senator Summer Steib’s program Take Back the Night, supported by the Staff Senate.


On October 27, he attended his first Administrative Process Improvement Committee (APIC) meeting. He will ask Senator Doug Villien to report later during this meeting.  


On October 31, the Executive Committee met with Grace Fiorenza who is the Internal Communications direct contact with Strategic Communications. Her role is to serve the university internally with help in getting messages out to faculty, staff and students with regard to departmental initiatives. It was a great first meeting, and hopefully that relationship will grow with expanding our effort to get messages out to fellow staff members.     


On October 31, he met with Melonie Milton, Staff Senate Administrative Coordinator, to regroup during the middle of the semester.


On November 1, he and Senator Jennifer Springstead met with the Holiday Spectacular Committee to discuss campus enhancements. As many of you may be aware in the beginning of the semester, we spoke about doing some additional lighting on campus for the holiday season. We discussed this plan, and while we unfortunately do not have the funding to really expand the project as we’d hoped, we are able to offer some enhancements of the trees surrounding the University Christmas Tree. We are going to do our best to light one, if not two, of the live oak trees. We will be bringing back some of the enhancements that we’ve had at the Memorial Tower every year, including some up-lighting in those areas. He is also working with the Law School to see about doing some Holiday Enhancements outside of their building. We will not be able to light up Highland Road as he had hoped, but a goal is now to work towards this within the next few years.


On November 7, he attended an advanced training with the LSU Foundation.


On November 8, the Executive Committee met to prepare for the November Staff Senate meeting.


On November 9, the Staff Senate hosted the 12th Annual New Staff Reception. It was a great event. Acting as the Master of Ceremony, President Truitt was pleased to introduce Dr. Dereck Rovaris as our guest speaker. Dr. Rovaris spoke strongly about the value of the Staff Senate, and provided a warm welcome to our new staff members.  President Truitt was also pleased that Campus Federal Credit Union could participate and thanked them for attending.


President Truitt announced that this week he has had opportunity to focus and support the Scholarship Committee and their Candy Gram sale efforts. He has provided direct outreach to key contacts on campus, sending messages to the LSU Foundation, the Tiger Athletic Foundation (TAF), Campus Federal Credit Union, the Law School, the LSU Alumni Association, and to Pennington Biomedical Research Center.  President Truitt encourages participation from these groups in the candy gram program, so others can show appreciation to students, faculty and staff. We found that last year, people on campus who may not have heard about the candy grams, would like more of an opportunity to participate. Unfortunately the broadcast messaging system does not reach to those email addresses which are not specific to “”  Through President Truitt’s efforts, we have seen purchases from those areas mentioned. We hope this will increase the overall participation in the program.  


On November 14, he and Senator Jade Ethridge met with Cliff Vannoy with the LSU Alumni Association. Jade had a great idea of partnering with the Alumni Association in any way possible to increase the amount of funding that goes into our Fee Support Scholarship. At the moment, the LSU Alumni Association does not have the funding to make a direct donation to the Fee Support Scholarship for this semester, however this is something that will be revisited in January.


On November 16, President Truitt represented the Staff Senate during the New York Times Readership presentation program. There were three different creative design firms, one of whom was ultimately selected, brought to the university. It was nice to see what these firms could bring to the table and ultimately to the university.


President Truitt announced that the Staff Senate Executive Committee was asked to participate in the College of Engineering Dean’s Search Candidate Interviews. He and Past-President Tammy Millican and Secretary Barbara Reonas attended the first interview on November 15. There is one scheduled tomorrow and two more scheduled next week.


President Truitt announced that he attended the Provost’s Breakfast this morning. There were some TOPS facts and talking points discussed.  He circulated a copy of the data he received, which condenses the information. There were two things he mentioned; one of which shows the break down for LSU and how we are impacted by the TOPS cuts, outlining clarifications as to the challenges with which the university has been dealing. Yesterday, the ramifications of TOPS cuts became more mainstream, as the Governor made an announcement about the state budget shortfall for mid-year.  Governor Edwards also discussed the planned legislative proposal to front load TOPS, and later “find” the money to make up the shortfall for the spring semester.  Due to the shortfall, it has been announced this front-loading plan is not going to work, leading to an official TOPS shortfall. Yesterday, some of the universities began submitting their responses, and UNO (as well as a few other schools) announced that no student will have to pay those differences in cost. This then brought a lot of backlash toward LSU being unable to offer the same with our students. Senator Doug Villien mentioned that LSU did absorb a lot of the TOPS shortfall in the fall, which is not common knowledge.  There may be other ways to find funding through Pelican Promise or Pell Grants, as long as the student qualifies (which may be how UNO plans to offset the costs). He has heard there is quite a bit of Pell Grant money that goes unclaimed, so tapping into those resources may help. The handout that Truitt shared mentions LSU’s action plan. Students were made aware in the fall of the TOPS shortfall. The mid-year budget cut from the Governor’s Office looks to be about $330 million, with LSU’s portion being approximately 2%. Senator Jennifer Sprinstead asked if LSU knows the potential level of student attrition due to the TOPS shortfall. Senator Barrett Linam mentioned that, well below prediction, we did lose around 150 students for the fall. For the spring that may be different. Past-President Tammy MIllican mentioned it is still a pretty good value to come to LSU.



President Truitt requested that standing committee updates be provided.



President Truitt reported that the Communications Committee met today prior to the meeting. Chairs/Co-Chairs reported committee updates with regard to their initiatives about which they will report during this meeting. The Long Range Review and Planning Committee has not met recently. They are in a holding pattern with regard to LSU’s new Strategic Plan. There was a great report from the Marketing Committee. The Budget and Finance/Governmental Relations Committee was in a holding pattern until after the election. There will be a meeting scheduled before December 1 with Jason Droddy and Tommy Smith. The outcome from the New Staff Reception was discussed with the Staff Benefits, Policies and Development Committee members, who did an outstanding job. The December Staff Senate meeting potluck was discussed and a sign up will be sent out soon. There was a discussion regarding December Commencement and whether or not the Staff Senate will be involved. Senator Jennifer Springstead announced that the Staff Senate has been asked to recruit volunteers to drive the golf carts and have greeters to pass out the commencement programs for the different ceremonies. They are trying to put a committee together to work on the May Commencement ceremonies and making it “more than just a ceremony.” Senator Springstead has reached out to Jacob with Campus Life to recruit High School seniors to assist with commencement efforts as well. Senator Springstead asked that, when she sends out the sign-up sheets, please pass along to the colleagues in your department, as she feels we may be getting stretched thin and repetitive with our volunteer efforts.  She hopes to get more volunteers and maybe some fresh faces, if it is pushed out more.



President Truitt requested ad-hoc committee updates be provided.


Holiday on Campus

Senator Rachel Henry expressed her thanks for all the Senators who attended the She Geaux’s Conference that was held yesterday. She feels like she has been “under a rock” with regard to planning Holiday on Campus. Senator Jennifer Sprinstead has stepped up in a way that is really appreciated. Senator Henry personally thanked Senator Springstead for assisting with many tasks on the “to do” list for this event. Senator Henry reported that we are still in need of candy for the goody bags for Holiday on Campus. Please donate prewrapped snack size candy, if you can. Also, if you are on the Committee, please stay after today’s meeting so we can regroup.


Holiday on Campus will be held on Tuesday, November 29, 2016, from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. in the LSU Student Union. The broadcast messaging is being pushed out for the Holiday Spectacular. The information and passports are also being mailed out. Please push out or like what we are posting on Social Media. We would like to have as many members of the LSU Community attend as possible. Also, please consider volunteering, if you can.



Senator Elizabeth Poret reported that the Marketing Committee met on November 1. The written report was included in the meeting packet. The website updates have gone well. We have reduced some of the wording so it doesn’t look so busy, and is easier to navigate. For social media, the committee has devised an engagement plan for the remainder of the semester. Every month, we will debut an image with a hashtag and possibly ask a question to help with engagement, feedback and traffic on our social media pages. Also, Staff Senate has an Instagram account now. The promotional items have been received. We have bigger cups to distribute, as well as the Holiday on Campus Save-the-Date ornaments. The committee discussed ordering additional apparel items, including the option of a cardigan and a quarter-zip pullover. There has been some interest since the last meeting. She circulated the sign-up sheet with prices again for any additional orders. Senator Dominic Adedeji asked if LSU Staff who are not affiliated with the Staff Senate can place an order for apparel that reads LSU Staff. The committee will research the price and let him know. The committee also reached out to Sadie Wilks with Mass Communications regarding including Staff Senate in her class project for a marketing campaign. 



Past-President Tammy Millican reported that the Scholarship Committee met on November 2.  She was unable to attend but the written report was included in the meeting packet. The candy gram orders are underway and the call for Holiday Decorating Entries is going out. This year theme is “Tis the Season to be…”


There are also two student scholarship recipients and four staff recipients who will be recognized in the spring.


President Truitt mentioned that when he put the call out for candy grams at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, he received some feedback as to making them eligible for our scholarship award since they are part of the system. Our scholarship criteria states for employees at main campus only, so we need to work on changing that to include all employees throughout the system. Past-President Millican mentioned that the number of staff attending classes is dropping and it will be helpful if we open it up to everybody within LSU. These scholarships are ultimately helping to create more LSU alumni.



President Truitt asked that liaison committee updates be provided. 


Dining Advisory

President Truitt mentioned that the Dining Advisory Committee met on October 26. Senator Jennifer Gomez submitted a written report which was included in the meeting packet.


Faculty Senate

Senator Barrett Linam reported that the Faculty Senate met on November 8. The written report was included in the meeting packet. The Faculty Senate has held their discussion regarding a new tiger mascot, until they have more information about that effort. The “Free Speech and Academic Freedom Resolution” passed. The Faculty Senate also passed a resolution “Improving Graduate Student Stipends” with the aim of reducing graduate student debt and increasing LSU competiveness in recruiting graduate students. The Senate would like to push for nine month graduate student stipends to be increased to $15,800 a year which would be a $5,000 increase.   This funding would be coming from the departments, but is part of that department’s budget administered by the university.


President-Elect Michelle Lowery shared that on Friday, the Dean of Students Office presented the flag that flew during the home football game after Mike the Tiger passed away, to his caretakers, Dr. David Baker and Ginger Guttner. They learned that Dr. Baker is aggressively looking for a new tiger. It is by donation only, so as not to promote the black market selling of tigers. We hope to soon find a young, rescued tiger.  The caretakers have kept everything that everyone has left at Mike’s cage in memorial and they are planning to make a book about him.    



Staff Senate Budget

Treasurer Kayla Kucharchuk gave a report on the updated balance sheet for the Staff Senate accounts. A copy was circulated to the full Senate.


She reported the following:

Bursar Account (Gift Fund) - $207.22


LSU Foundation Accounts:

Fee Support Scholarship - $13,713.48

Holiday on Campus Support Fund - $1,667.31

Scholarship Award - $4,493.09

Support Fund – $299.42

State Account (Operating Budget) $6,091.10


Total Budget: $26,481.10


We received $1,000 donation from the President’s Office for Holiday on Campus. We expect to receive $200 from Campus Federal Credit Union and $500 from the LSU Alumni Association in support of Holiday on Campus as well.


The Staff Senate is also partnering with Student Government and Auxiliary Services to open the Union for 24 hours beginning Sunday night at 11:00 p.m. on the first floor Live Oak Lounge until Friday morning at 7:00 a.m. to offer a secure quite place to study. If anyone is interested in volunteer for 2 hours. Michelle, Tammy and Trey will be there from 10:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. on one of the nights. The Senate will also help to pay for security. There will be snacks provided on a first-come, first-served basis and on two of the nights, McDonald’s and Einstein Bagel will be open until 2:00 a.m.


The Staff Senate also sponsored some refreshments in the amount of $92.81 for the Motherhood Transitions/Work life Balance Lecture that will be held this afternoon.

We anticipate about $500 to be paid towards the promotional items as well.


Staff Senate Gift Fund

President Truitt encouraged senators to contribute to the Gift Fund. Voluntary contributions are $10 per year, per senator.



Senator Resignation/Appointment


President Truitt announced that Senator Robert Dufrene has resigned from the Staff Senate which creates another vacancy in the Professional/Non-Faculty Category. We have two people interested in serving through an appointment. One from the Law School and one from the Vet School. We will open the other vacancies through the general elections in the spring. The Executive Committee will work on getting an electronic vote out to the full Senate for approval.



December Meeting and Potluck

President Truitt announced that we will host the annual holiday potluck after the December meeting which will be held at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore, 2nd Floor Event Room. He encouraged everyone to be festive and let’s have some fun. We will have two guest speakers, including an official presentation from either Ron Moreau or Dawn Harris with Campus Federal Credit Union about our partnership, their history and to hear about the benefits they offer to employees. We will also hear from Brian Ainsworth regarding the Kiwanis Club and their Membership efforts. 


Staff Senator Get Well

Senator Dominic Adedeji thanked the full Senate for the Get Well cookies he received. It was very much appreciated. It is so good to see him back at work and that he is recovering well. Senator Ashely Thibodeaux announced that her daughter is a class officer for the Key Club at Baton Rouge High School and they have about 300 students who are members and they are always looking for ways to earn service hours. She will check with the sponsor to help coordinate with them. She will let Jennifer know how many as soon as possible. Senator Rachel Henry mentioned that former Senator Nikki Godfrey’s sons Boy Scouts Troop will be volunteering. She was also contacted about another High School organization as well.  



Senator Jennifer Springstead announced that we need more volunteers to sign up for Holiday on Campus. She is trying to get some student organizations to sign up but she has seen a decline this year with people signing up to volunteer. She would like to see more students signing up for Holiday on Campus. Please help get the word out. President-Elect Michelle Lowery also shared that volunteers were needed with some student organizations.


Baton Rouge Kiwanis Club

Brian Ainsworth announced that the Baton Rouge Kiwanis Club is holding a Blue Dog raffle signed by the Rodrigue Foundation. Other prizes are a signed football by Coach Ed Orgeron and other metal art done by local LSU Metal artworks. The funds raised by this will not only go to Neonatal Tetanus Worldwide, but also for Kiwanis flood victims. The cost of tickets are $10 each and he will send an email to President Truitt with all the information to forward to the full Senate.



President-Elect Michelle Lowery announced that Texas A&M is raising funds to support our LSU students and employees who were impacted by the flood. They are planning on raising funds on behalf of Student Government and the President of that University will match it. She will forward the information to the Staff Senate Office to share with the full Senate. The money is earmarked for the Student Relief Fund and the Relief Fund that was set-up for the employees.


LSU Ring Ceremony

President-Elect Michelle Lowery announced that the LSU Ring Ceremony is scheduled for this Sunday, and they are still in need of volunteers. For those interested, please dress up and if you don’t mind checking in students, giving them their ring card; she needs one person from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., and two people from 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Black Faculty and Staff Caucus Gala

President-Elect Michelle Lowery announced that the Black Faculty and Staff Caucus is holding their Gala on December 2, 2016. She and Past-President Millican plan on going. It is a formal event, and tickets for two people are $50, and for one person is $35 (online ordering available). She will send that link out as well. Their colors this year are black and gold.


Senator’s New Position

President Trey Truitt announced that Past-President Tammy Millican has accepted a new position on campus and she welcomed another grandbaby, Aubrey Kate. Tammy further explained that Parking and Transportation Services has been moved under Facility and Property Oversight. She has been asked to oversee Parking and Transportation Services. Jeff Campbell is still there but that unit will report to her now as their Executive Director. So she is looking for ideas and suggestions. Environmental Health and Safety is also moving under Facility and Property Oversight. That unit will report to Patrick Martin who previously worked with Finance and Administration. 


New Little Staff Senator

Treasurer Kayla Kucharchuk announced that she and her husband are expecting another child in June 2017.


MOTION TO ADJOURN – With there being no more business, President-Elect Michelle Lowery moved to adjourn.  The motion, seconded by Senator Jennifer Springstead, carried.  The meeting adjourned after noon.


Barbara Reonas, Secretary