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Staff Senate Committees

*The Staff Senate welcomes non-senator participation on most committees.  

Standing Committees

Community Engagement Committee
Plans and make arrangements for the Staff Senate’s annual holiday event for the LSU Community. Also, helps coordinate the volunteer effort for Commencements as well as host new employee events and include diversity recruitment efforts on the LSU Staff Senate.

Communications Committee:
Relays the activities and contributions of the Staff Senate to all staff and works to improve communication efforts across campus. Attendance is required for the Executive Committee and Staff Senate Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs. 

Long Range Review and Planning Committee:
Maintains an on-going study of University matters relating to staff to anticipate future needs and priorities.

Staff Benefits, Policies and Development Committee:
Maintains an on-going study to determine the needs of the classified and professional/unclassified staff at the University.

Ad Hoc Committees

Staff Appreciation Committee:
Plans and makes arrangements for the annual holiday event for the LSU Community.

Staff Senate Scholarship Committee:
Promotes the scholarship awarded to a qualified dependent of an LSU employee and raises funds to create additional scholarships like the Staff Senate Fee Support Scholarship for staff. 

Staff Senate Campus-wide Liaison/University Committee Representation

Administrative Process Improvement Committee

A/AAPI Caucus

Black Faculty & Staff Caucus

Board of Supervisors

Campus Committee on Sustainability

Campus Communicators

Council of Staff Advisors

Facilities Design and Development

Faculty Senate

IT Governance Council

LGBTQ+ Caucus

LatinX Caucus

LSU Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee

LSU Foundation Outstanding Staff Service Awards Committee

Mobility Implementation Plan Committee

Organizations Relief Fund

Parking Appeals Committee for Parking and Transportation Services

Pregnancy & Parenting

Student Government

Student Sustainability Fee Oversight Committee

University Council on Gender Equity

University High Risk Travel 

University Planning Council

University-Wide Search Committees (Senators are appointed as needed)