LSU SRC Publishes Citizens' Guide to Environmental Engagement

The Louisiana Superfund Research Center has partnered with the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) to publish a 2016 Citizens' Guide to Environmental Engagement. The first part of the guidebook provides an overview of the major laws that protect the public from environmental pollution and regulate the actions of industries. Here you will find a step-bystep guide for citizens who want to participate in public meetings and give comments to the state agencies that regulate the industries. The regulatory system set up by law in this country works better when there is strong input from citizens. Another important part of public participation is citizen reporting. Section 1 contains tools to help you record and communicate observations you may have about particular problems you find in your community. The second part is divided into sections covering issues related to water, air, land, and hazardous waste. Chapter six presents information that will help you prepare for emergencies and natural disasters. Finally, environmental contacts are included in the appendix. 

LEAN is a frequent collaborator with the LSU SRC, the purpose of LEAN is to foster cooperation and communication between individual citizens and corporate and government organizations in an effort to assess and mend the environmental problems in Louisiana. 

The Guidebook can be found in the Community Resources section of this website, link here.