Randall Hall

    Dr. Lillian L.Y. Wang Yin Endowed Professor in Chemistry, Dominican University of California

    LSU Superfund Research Project Computational Core leader


    Email: randall.hall@dominican.edu 

    Website:  http://www.dominican.edu/academics/hns/sciencemath/about-the-department/facstaff/fulltime/randall-hall-phd


    Research interests, expertise:

    • Computer simulation
    • The path integral formulation of quantum mechanics
    • Simulation and theory of glasses
    • Structure of materials
    • inetics and thermodynamics of gas and surface free radical reactions


    Recent Publications:


    Khachatryan L., McFerrin C.A., Hall R.W., and Dellinger B. 2014. Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals (EPFRs). 3. Free versus Bound Hydroxyl Radicals in EPFR Aqueous Solutions. Environ. Sci. Technol. 48(16):9220–9226. Doi:10.1021/es501158r. PMCID:PMC4140529



    Bae, G., Kiruri, L., Dellinger, B.,  and Hall, R. 2013. Computational Modeling of the Initial Steps in Copper Oxide-Catalyzed Formation of Poly-Chlorinated Dibenzo Dioxins and Furans", submitted J. Phys. Chem.



    Bae, G.,Dellinger, B. and Hall, R. 2011. Density functional calculation of the structure and electronic properties of CunOn(n = 1 - 8) clusters" J. Phys. Chem. 115 (11), 2087-2095. Doi:10.1021/jp104177q PMCID: PMC3070270



    Bae, G.,  & Hall, R. 2009. Density Functional Calculation of the Structure and Electronic Properties of (C uO)n (n = 1 - 4) Clusters. J. Phys. Chem. A. 115 (11): 2087–2095. Doi: 10.1021/jp104177q. PMCID: PMC3070270


    McFerrin, C.A., Hall, R.W., & Dellinger, B. 2009. Ab Initio Study of the Formation and Degradation Reactions of Chlorinated Phenols. J. Molecular Structure. THEOCHEM, 902(1-3): 5-14.