Kratos AXIS 165 XPS/AES


The Kratos AXIS 165 XPS/SAM is a high performance multi-technique surface analysis system to meet the most demanding needs of the surface scientist of materials analyst. Its remarkable features and capabilities include:

  • SUN computer workstation control based VISION data system featuring a graphic user interface for ease of use and flexibility in data acquisition setup or processing
  • Equipped with standard Mg/Al source and high performance Al monochromatic source
  • Scanning Auger Electrostatic gun (LaB6 filament, 15kV, 100µA) with a high current capability
  • Excellent energy resolution and sensitivity at small analysis areas
  • High performance XPS imaging in realistic time frames
  • Charge neutralization system enabling outstanding performance on insulating materials
  • Automated sample stage for unattended operation
  • Secondary Electron imaging (SE) and Auger capabilities
  • Computer controlled electron gun enabling previously defined operational parameters to be stored and recalled for reproducible setup

Information obtained from the Kratos AXIS 165 XPS/AES

  • Surface composition
  • Chemical state of elements at the surface
  • Mapping: element distribution
  • Compositional depth profile
  • Scanning image

photo: kratos

photo: kratos