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Tiger Tips Video Series


A video series from the LSU Student Health Center brought to you by our care providers in Medical Clinic, Mental Health Service, and Wellness & Health Promotion.

New episodes are made every Thursday!

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Emotional Wisdom Webinars

emotional wisdom webinars

This pre-recorded four-part series provides students the opportunity to learn and practice skills for effective mood management.

Watch all four previous sessions using the link below.

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COVID and the Community

covid and the community

COVID & Community provides valuable information about how infectious diseases spread; how to be vigilant in the age of COVID-19; and several helpful resources.

This is NOT intended to take the place of medical advice. Consult your health care provider for individual guidance.

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Women's Wellness Class

womens wellness

A video-based class providing education concerning pelvic exams, pap smears, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and contraceptive methods.


The Relationship Toolbox

relationship toolbox

This three-part webinar series is all about building healthy relationships with self and others. Learn ways to improve your current relationships, prepare for future ones, or handle the hardships that may come.

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Body Talk

body talk

This three-part series discusses personal body image. Over three sessions, we will first define body image, then explore personal body image origins and development, and finally begin developing greater body image acceptance.

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Levels of Care

levels of care

The Levels of Care exist to ensure your emotional wellness is always in good standing. In this video, our care providers will walk you through what can be expected at each level of care.

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Rapid HIV Testing at the SHC

hiv test

The Student Health Center offers a rapid HIV test known as the "INSTI Antibody Test" which provides results in just 60-seconds. Click on the link below to see how it is done.

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