Psychiatry Services

Medical Evaluation and Monitoring

Psychiatric services are one of the treatment options, which may be available to you as an LSU student.

If the results of the initial clinical assessment suggest it would be useful to see the psychiatrist, a referral may be made by your ongoing counselor. Your first visit with the psychiatrist is usually a comprehensive evaluation, which focuses on your concerns, symptoms, physical health and personal history. During the initial evaluation the psychiatrist will talk to you about treatment recommendations and discuss a preliminary treatment plan. For most people, counseling with a Mental Health Service therapist and medication monitoring by the psychiatrist provides a comprehensive system of treatment all under the same roof.

If your counselor/therapist is outside of MHS, then you will need to have your medication needs addressed outside of MHS by a provider recommended by your counselor/therapist. We believe the best care is possible when your therapist and your prescribing practitioner have an on-going working relationship that is then put to use on your behalf.

Unfortunately, on some occasions a student's concern requires care that is beyond that which we can provide at MHS. If this occurs, we will work with you to establish care with a community psychiatrist outside of the MHS.


Transferring Medication to MHS

More and more students are coming to the university already being treated with medications. We would like to be able to assist you with your medications, but some preparation is needed to transfer your care here.

Even though you may be doing well on medications at present, we want to get to know you and your mental health needs before we can assume responsibility for prescribing and/or monitoring your medication. This process starts with an initial clinical consultation with a MHS counselor. If it is appropriate for you to have your medications transferred to the Student Health Center, an initial evaluation appointment will be scheduled with the psychiatrist. If your needs are beyond the scope of our services, we will refer you to outside providers in the community.

At the time of or before the initial consultation appointment, you will be asked to sign a release of information form for us to obtain your treatment records from your previous physician or therapist. We will mail or fax this request promptly but it may take a few weeks for us to obtain the records depending on the response time of your former physician or therapist. If you have been formally evaluated for ADHD or have other documentation (e.g., hospital discharge summaries, psychological testing results), we will also ask you to sign a release of information form in order to obtain copies for our records. Usually, all records must be reviewed prior to being accepted for medication monitoring.

If you are running low on your medication, we suggest that you call your former physician to ask for a prescription to be phoned in to a pharmacy in Baton Rouge or at LSU. Your physician is familiar with your care, and is in the best position to supply you with medication in an interim period. Let your physician know you are looking into transferring your services to MHS and request a four-week supply of medication.