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LSU is committed to ending sexual violence, and creating and maintaining a community of respect. Learn about survivor options for support, reporting, and training and education opportunities for the LSU community by the We're Committed site. 

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Legal Options - Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Survivors have the option of processing their case through the civil and/or criminal judicial system. Cases can be processed through each system concurrently or separately. To prosecute a sexual assault or dating violence crime or to get a protective order through the civil or criminal system, it's best to consult with a legal advocate through STAR (225-383-7273) or the Iris Domestic Violence Shelter (225-389-3001).

University Judicial System

The University Judicial system is designed to be educational in nature and can only affect the accused student's status as a University student. A student who is found in violation of the University Sexual Assault Policy cannot be sent to jail through the University judicial process (see Code of Student Conduct due process). However, the student can potentially be suspended or expelled, among other sanctions, if found responsible for violating the University Sexual Assault Policy in the Code of Student Conduct.

To file a complaint, contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 225-578-4307. A formal complaint must be filed in order for the University to investigate the allegation. However, a survivor may meet with the Associate Dean for Judicial Affairs to ask questions without filing a formal complaint.