Senior Staff

The Senior Staff works directly with the President and Vice President to aid them in implementing initiatives and creating policy.

Patrick Cormier
Chief of Staff

Angelina Cantelli
Deputy Chief of Staff

Sam Rhodes
Senior Advisor to the President

Gabie DeBruler
Senior Advisor to the Vice President

Austin Grashoff
Chief Advisor

Ricky Bryant
Attorney General

Cole Conrad
Executive Assistant to the President

Executive Assistant to the Vice President

 Maggie Landry
Director of Programming

Gabie DeBruler
Director of Communications

Devin Scott and Gabe Watkins
Directors of Diversity

Brooks Bryan

Director of Finance

 Katie Souther
Director of Designs

Katelyn Davis
Director of Strategic Action

Simone Sale
Director of Strategic Action

Chris Ward
Director of Governmental Relations

Chandler Black
Director of Student Outreach