Library Committee



  • To participate in the development and monitoring of a long-range plan for the library;
  • To advise the administrative officers of the LSU Library on all matters related to development and use of library resources and facilities, including allocation of funds for acquisitions and their distribution among various formats;
  • To inform faculty about library policies, collections, and financial standing; and
  • To serve as a channel of communication for expressing faculty needs and expectations to the library administration.



Five faculty members representing a balance among disciplines, colleges, and schools; one graduate student and the Dean of University Libraries (or designee), ex officio.


Member College Email Term Ends
Kayanush J. Aryana Agriculture  2023
Gundela Hachmann (Chair) Humanities and Social Sciences   2024
Yimin Zhu Engineering  2025
  Human Sciences and Education   2025
  Coast and Environment   2025
  Graduate Student Representative   Ex-officio
Lois Kuyper-Rushing (EX OFFICIO) Library   Ex-officio
Stanley Wilder (EX OFFICIO) Library   Ex-officio