Faculty Appeals Board


  • To make recommendations to the Executive Vice President and Provost when PS 104 Dismissal for Cause for Faculty is initiated against a faculty member.
  • To make recommendations to the Executive Vice President and Provost when a faculty member appeals a non-reappointment decision or when there is a unit decision to not consider request for promotion.
  • To deliberate and make recommendations to the next highest administrator when a faculty member appeals an administrative decision.



Twelve to fifteen faculty members, representing a balance among disciplines, colleges, and schools, with one third of the members elected each year by the Senate to serve a three-year term. Nominations may be made from the floor of the Senate. The persons who receive the largest number of votes shall be elected. The next individuals receiving votes shall be alternates, in the order of the number of votes and will serve as replacements if a member(s) are unable to serve a full term. Chairs or heads of departments and higher administration personnel are ineligible to serve on this committee. The Committee at the beginning of each academic year will elect a Chair-elect who will succeed the Chair the next academic year, and the Chair will become the Past Chair, who will not serve on the Committee if the term has expired. Committee members may only be elected and serve for two consecutive 3-year terms.


Member College Email Term Ends
Fereydoun Aghazadeh (Alternate) Engineering aghazadeh@lsu.edu  2023
Jeffrey Brooks Law Center jeffbrooks@lsu.edu  2023
Paul Hrycaj LSU Libraries phryca1@lsu.edu  2023
Rosemary Peters-Hill Humanities and Social Sciences rpeters@lsu.edu  2023
Chad Seifried Human Sciences and Education cseifried@lsu.edu  2023
Estanislado Barrera Human Sciences and Education esbarreraiv@lsu.edu   2024
Michael Desmond Art and Design mdesmon@lsu.edu   2024
Levent Dirikolu Veterinary Medicine ldirikolu@lsu.edu   2024
Juan Martinez Veterinary Medicine jmartinez@lsu.edu   2024
Christine Corcos Law Center ccorcos@lsu.edu   2025
Carlos Slawson (Chair) Business cslawson@lsu.edu  2025
Jim Stoner Humanities and Social Sciences poston@lsu.edu  2025
Sabrina Taylor (Co-Chair) Agriculture STaylor@agcenter.lsu.edu  2025
Jane Cassidy Office of Academic Affairs Designee jcassid@lsu.edu  Ex-Officio