Enrollment and Digital Education Committee


  • To support Enrollment Management in fostering the quality and success of the University’s selection and admissions function.
  • To advise Digital and Continuing Education on the role and scope of these programs within the University’s educational mission
  • To assure that faculty have convenient access to ample information about the University admission process and educational functioning.



The voting members shall be six to nine faculty members and one appointed undergraduate student, with qualifications of being presently or formerly substantially engaged in curricular or educational matters in an academic unit, but members may not be department chairs or higher administrative officers. Ex officio members will be the Vice President for Enrollment (or designee) and the Vice President for Digital Education (or designee).


Member College Email Term Ends
Kyla Kazuschyk Music and Dramatic Arts kkazuschyk@lsu.edu  2023
Erin McKinley (Chair) Agriculture emckinley@agcenter.lsu.edu  2023
Yejun Wu Human Sciences and Education wuyj@lsu.edu  2023
Juana Moreno Science moreno@phys.lsu.edu  2024
Jared Soileau Business jareds@lsu.edu  2024
  Agriculture   2025
  Engineering yiminzhu@lsu.edu  2025
  Science   2025
Anna Cate Strong Undergraduate Student astron6@lsu.edu  Ex-officio
  Vice President for Digital Education   Ex-officio
Daniel Barrow Vice President for Enrollment (designee) dbarrow1@lsu.edu  Ex-officio