Faculty Senate Covid-19 Ad Hoc Committee

The Faculty Senate shall have other standing and special committees as may from time to time be created by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, or by action of the Faculty Senate. (FS Constitution, Article VI. Committees, 4.)

Special Committees and their Members (FS Bylaws, Article IX. Committees, 2.)

  1. When the Senate by resolution or the FSEC creates a special committee, it will specify the charges and a defined term of service.
  2. Unless the creating entity provides otherwise, the FSEC will appoint the members of a special committee and will appoint the chair.
  3. Unless otherwise directed in its charge, a special committee will file its report only with the appointing authority.


The purpose of the LSU Faculty Senate's Ad Hoc COVID-19 Committee is to examine LSU’s COVID-19 response to date and recommend improvements to that response for the future. The committee's primary concerns include, but are not limited to, those that can be categorized under three broad headings:

  • Information: Improve the quality and communication of COVID-19 related campus information.
  • Mitigation: Improve measures for preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 on campus.
  • Accommodation: Ensure humane, compassionate, and principled accommodation of faculty in carrying out their duties, instructional and otherwise.
Member College Email Term
Jeffrey Roland Humanities and Social Sciences jroland@lsu.edu   
Meredith Veldman Humanities and Social Sciences hyveld@lsu.edu   
Cynthia Peterson Dean, LSU College of Science cbpeterson@lsu.edu  Ex officio
Keena Arbuthnot Special Advisor to the President arbuthnot@lsu.edu  Ex officio