Faculty Senate Committees


Faculty Senate Standing Committees

Admissions, Standards and Honors Committee

Charge: To monitor policies and standards concerning admission requirements of LSU; to make recommendations to improve the standards of scholarship; to study and develop more effective means of recognizing student achievement in scholarship and leadership


Benefits Advisory Committee

Charge: To review and make inquiries and recommendations regarding University retirement plans, health care, insurance programs, annual and sick leave, and other benefits; to ensure faculty are informed about significant developments


Budget and Planning Advisory Committee

Charge: To review and make recommendations to budget-development process, budget preliminary stages and approved budget; to review and make recommendations to long-range implications of budget issues and alternatives; to review and make recommendations regarding the Master Plan


Courses and Curricula Committee

Charge: To approve or disapprove proposed additions to, alterations of and elimination of all courses, curricula and degree programs submitted by colleges and schools; to notify appropriate departments and colleges and the Office of Academic Affairs regarding decisions


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Charge: To interact with the University Office of Diversity staff in evaluating initiatives to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion of University faculty, staff, and students and the University community.


Enrollment and Digital Education Committee

Charge: To support Enrollment Management in fostering the quality and success of the University’s selection and admissions function; to advise Digital and Continuing Education on the role and scope of these programs within the University’s educational mission.


Faculty Adjudication Committee

Charge: To hear all complaints of faculty members relating to outcomes of salary, promotion, non-reappointment, and tenure decisions believed to be unfair or due to inappropriately applied procedures, allegations of other unfair treatment, or improper implementation of University policy; to keep confidential all complaints, grievances and findings of the committee


Faculty Appeals Board

Charge: To make recommendations to the Executive Vice President and Provost when PS 104 Dismissal for Cause for Faculty is initiated against a faculty member.


Integrative Learning Core Committee

Charge: To interpret and clarify the goals of general education; to coordinate with the Office of Academic Affairs the establishment of instruments for judging the quality and effectiveness of general education requirements; to review proposed additions and/or alternations of courses from the general education requirements


Internationalization Committee

Charge: To select tuition exemption scholarships for international students; to act in an advisory capacity to LSU administration which affect international students; to develop and promote international exchange programs


Library Committee

Charge: To participate in the long-range development for the library; to serve as a channel of communication for expressing faculty needs and expectations


LSU Press Committee

Charge: To serve as an advisory group to the LSU Press; to inform faculty of major LSU Press activities


Student Aid & Scholarships Committee

Charge: To act as a judicial body to hear and decide appeals from students regarding scholarships or financial aid; to advise on policies for granting aid and scholarships


Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committees


Faculty Senate Constitution & Bylaws Review Ad Hoc Committee

Charge: to review the Senate Constitution & Bylaws, as well as the Senate’s policies and practices, and to present a series of recommendations for revisions and improvements at or before the Senate meeting held in November of 2022.

Faculty Senate Covid-19 Ad Hoc Committee

Charge:  to examine LSU’s COVID-19 response to date and recommend improvements to that response for the future.

Faculty Senate Faculty Council Planning Ad Hoc Committee

Charge: to ensure that there is an annual Faculty Council meeting.  

Faculty Senate Open Access Ad Hoc Committee

Charge: to closely collaborate with the Dean of the Library in identifying both short-term and long-term strategies for repurposing or redirecting existing funds to ensure that individual authors at LSU are never forced into subsidizing open-access publications of their research with personal funds.