Budget and Planning Advisory Committee



  • With regard to the budget and planning processes of the University: To assure an effective advisory role for the faculty; to encourage the use of faculty expertise; and to keep the Senate informed.
  • To review and make recommendations, as needed, with regard to:
    • the budget development process;
    • the budget at preliminary stages;
    • the approved budget; and
    • audits of University operations
  • To review and make recommendations with regard to the long-range implications, for the University’s evolving mission, of current budget issues and alternatives
  • To review and make recommendations with regard to the Master Plan and long- range planning in general.
  • To consider questions and issues which may be referred to it by the Faculty Senate or the FSEC.
  • To establish study groups, and to conduct forums or workshops, in order to inform the general faculty or to collect their views when instructed to do so by the Senate; or on its own initiative, with the approval of the FSEC.
  • To select, from among its elected members, the faculty representatives to the University Budget Committee.


The voting members shall be eight faculty, six elected and two appointed. They will serve three-year terms, except that the terms will be staggered in a manner decided by the Executive Committee. The members should be present or former members of the FSEC, present or former officers of a policy committee, or persons with other appropriate experience. They may not concurrently serve in administrative positions as chairs or higher.

  • The six elected members: Each year at its March meeting, the Senate will elect persons to fill vacancies for terms that begin in the fall, and will also elect an Alternate, who will stand by to fill any vacancy that may occur on the Committee during the next year. The FSEC will serve as the nominating committee for these positions, after receiving suggestions from college policy committees, councils, or senates, and nominations from the floor will be solicited.
  • The two appointed members: The FSEC will appoint two additional members who will be selected to improve breadth of representation, or to meet needs for expertise.
  • Ex officio members: The Provost (or designee) will be an ex officio member. The Provost and the FSEC may jointly appoint up to two additional ex officio members


Member College Email Term Ends
Estanislado Barrera (Appointed) Human Sciences and Education esbarreraiv@lsu.edu   2023
Stephen Shipman  Science shipman@lsu.edu     2023
Joan King Agriculture jking@agcenter.lsu.edu   2024
Joseph Mason Business masonj@lsu.edu   2024
Judith Sylvester (Chair) Mass Communications jsylves@lsu.edu  2024
James Canfield Humanities and Social Sciences jcanfield@lsu.edu  2025
Fabio Del Piero Veterinary Medicine fdelpiero@lsu.edu  2025
Wei-Ling Song Business wsong@lsu.edu  2025
Tommy Smith LSU Budget & Planning tmsmith@lsu.edu  Ex Officio