Incoming Freshman Academic Advising Information

Once registered for Bengal Bound orientation, your name will be added to a list and your first-semester schedule semester will be created.   After your schedule is finalized, you will receive an email with instructions to access your schedule.   

Visit the Orientation website for registration information and timelines. 

The courses were chosen based on a variety of factors: declared major, previous college credit earned (AP, IB, Dual Enrollment), standardized test scores (ACT and SAT), and course availability. If you have been admitted to the Science Residential College or the Ogden Honors College that has also been considered.

LSU majors, concentrations, recommended paths, course descriptions, and course prerequisites are listed in the LSU General Catalog. You are encouraged to pay close attention to the College of Science section and the General Education requirements.   Also, the LSU Center for Freshmen Year (UCFY) has listed many scheduling resources on their website.  

The Science Residential College (SRC) is living and learning community.  In addition to being located in newly renovated residential halls, students participate in opportunities that enhance your education and engage with the LSU and science community.  As a member of the SRC community you will establish working relationships with faculty and staff members, be introduced to research projects in your area of study, and live among entering freshman science and math students with similar interests. Contact LSU Residential Life today to switch to the Science Residential College!

The ALEKS assessment is a tool used to measure a student's readiness for calculus, testing skills in numeric manipulations, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. It is an adaptive test: later test questions are selected based on responses to earlier questions. The initial placement assessment quickly and accurately determines what a student knows and doesn't know in precalculus.

Students enrolled in Math 1530, 1550, and 1551 must earn an appropriate ALEKS Math to maintain placement in one of the above courses.  For deadlines, scores required, and registration  information, visit the ALEKS website

The Appropriate ALEKS math score is the only prerequisite for MATH 1530, MATH 1550, and 1551. Prior coursework and high ACT scores are not sufficient for taking Math 1530, 1550, or 1551.

You will also see that you are in SCI 1001 “Becoming a Scientist.”  As a declared major within the College of Science, you are expected to complete this 1-hour elective credit this fall.  It will provide you the framework to become a successful science and math student at LSU.  Working with faculty members and peer mentors, you will discover research opportunities both on and off campus.  You will further develop your writing and analytical communication skills.  You will become aware of the many career opportunities available to you upon graduation. 

The College of Science professional academic counselors provide pre-health advising to all LSU students regardless of declared major. You may find the Pre-medical/Pre-dental Advising helpful as you prepare for your fall semester. You will note, that Pre-professional programs such as pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-law, and pre-vet med are tracks, not official majors. Students who are listed as pre-medical or pre-dental are advised on the Biological Sciences curriculum unless they have declared a different major. While you may be a pre-health student while pursuing any major at LSU, you need to consider which major will best prepare you for medical or dental school as well as one you are most interested in studying.


The College of Science Student Services and Pre-Health Programs are pleased to introduce, the Pre-Health Advising Support and Education (PHASE) Community Moodle Page.  

PHASE Community Moodle Page purpose: 

  • Serve as a general pre-health resource for the LSU community 
  • Provide Medical, Dental, Optometry, and Podiatry career path information 
  • List career information for alternate pre-health career paths from relevant sources, including the NAAHP HLTHPROF 2.0 national advising listserv
  •  Communicate updates on pre-health events, both on and off campus.
  •   Decrease the number of emails in student inboxes  

Recommendations for using the PHASE Community Moodle Page:  

  • Login at least once a week, at a minimum, to check for recent updates of events on the Calendar or new information 
  • Utilize the recent activity section on the right hand side of your Community Moodle Home Page (under the Calendar) 

Note, this is not replacement for pre-health advising.  Students are encouraged to meet with our pre-health professional advisors, as well as utilize all available resources.

PHASE Community Moodle Page Access:  


Geaux Science!

You may email our Student Services team at with further questions.  We look forward to working with you.