Heba Shaik

Science Honors Scholar Hebah Shaik

Hebah is a first year LSU student majoring in biological sciences while on a pre-med path with high hopes of going to medical school and becoming a doctor. She graduated from Alfred M. Barbe High School in Lake Charles, Louisiana and was Barbe’s Student of the Year. She graduated with a weighted 4.39 GPA and received a 34 on the ACT. She is a part of the Tri Beta Biological Honors Society, AED Pre-Medical Society, LSU’s Freshman Leadership Council, and is an Ogden Honors College Advocate.

Hebah is currently working under Dr. Konstantin G. Kousoulas and with Dr. Muzammel Haque in a research lab that is a leg of LSU’s Vet School. She is learning basic virology techniques and the effects of the BoHV-1 strain of the Herpes Virus on Bovine kidney cells. She has plans to continue this research throughout her undergraduate career.