Steps In Applying

1. Complete core requirements and earn minimum of 90 semester hours.

Students should check with individual professional schools to obtain specific admission requirements, however the following courses are typical core requirements for most medical/dental schools in the United States:

  • 8 semester hours of Biological Sciences with labs (BIOL 1201/1208,1202/1209)
     Additional BIOL courses may be required: (Both of the LSU Medical Schools and the LSU Dental School require a semester of Biochemistry (BIOL 4087).  LSU Medical School- New Orleans requires a course in Statistics (EXST 2201/ISDS 2000). The LSU Dental School also requires Microbiology (BIOL 2051).
  • 8 semester hours of General Chemistry with labs (CHEM 1201, 1202 & 1212 lab)
  • 8 semester hours of Organic Chemistry with labs (CHEM 2261, 2262 & 2364 lab)
  • 8 semester hours of Physics with labs (PHYS 2001/2108, 2002/2109)
  • 6-9 hours of English
  • The MCAT includes subject areas in Psychology, Sociology, & Statistics.

Although a minimum of 90 semester hours of college course work is required to enter medical/dental schools, admission is highly competitive. The vast majority of accepted students have completed undergraduate degrees at the time of matriculation to medical/dental school. You should plan to complete a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree.

2. Take the admission test in spring of junior year.

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a computerized test offered on a limited amount of days throughout the year.  Information on the MCAT including dates and sites may be obtained at

The Dental Admission Test (DAT) is a computerized test that may be taken at any time during the year. Information about the DAT may be obtained at

3. Register for the LSU Pre-medical/Pre-dental Review Committee in the spring of junior year.

The LSU Pre-medical/Pre-dental Review Committee is composed of faculty members and premedical counselors who write letters of evaluation for LSU students applying to medical/dental school. While use of the committee is not required, most professional schools strongly encourage applicants to use the committee at their university. Informational meetings about the committee and the application process are held each November for students who will be applying the following Spring.

4. Make Formal Application through AMCAS/AACOMAS/TMDSAS/OPTOMCAS/AACPMAS/AADSAS in the summer prior to your senior year.

AMCAS is the national application service for allopathic medical schools (MD) in the United States. Information may be obtained from The application typically becomes available in May for the following calendar year admission.

AACOMAS is the national application service for osteopathic medical schools (DO). Information may be obtained at

TMDSAS is the application service for medical/dental schools in Texas. Information may be obtained at

OPTOMCAS is the national application for optometry school. Information may be obtained at

AACPMAS is the national application for podiatry school. Information may be obtained at

AADSAS is the national application service for dental schools and information is available from The AADSAS application typically becomes available in mid-May for admission to the following calendar year.