Purple & Golden Advice


1. Be able to explain "why" you want to be a physician/dentist. 

2. Choose challenging courses. 

3. Enroll in 15-18 hours per semester. 

4. Avoid dropping courses/ "W" grades. 

5. Be realistic about your competitiveness. 

6. Be prepared to take the MCAT/DAT/OAT early in the spring of your junior year. 

7. Take as many BIOL courses as possible. 

8. Get to know your faculty members. 

9. Get hands- on experience in your field of interest. 

  • Document this experience (i.e. dates, hours completed, tasks completed, what you learned/how it was meaningful, skills you developed, etc). This will help you determine if the field is for you and help you later with your application and personal statement. 

10. Be professional. 

11. Learn about the application process. 

12. Attend all information meetings offered. 

13. Get active in pre-health student organizations. 

14. Stay committed to being a lifelong learner.