Course Requirements

Most medical and dental schools have a standard set of required course requirements for admission. These courses typically cover the subject matter tested on both the MCAT and DAT (The DAT does not include a physics section). Students are encouraged to complete this course work by their junior year. It is recommended that students take the MCAT/DAT in the spring of their junior year.

purple stethoscope Medical School & Dental School

Although most medical schools require the same core list of required course work, individual medical or dental schools may have additional requirements (i.e. calculus, biochemistry). It is a good idea to consult each medical/dental school to which you are interested in applying for confirmation of their requirements. Information on individual admission requirements of medical schools is covered in the Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) published annually by the Association of American Medical Colleges. Dental admissions requirements are updated annually in the Official Guide to Dental Schools published by the American Dental Education Association.

The required course work along with the LSU equivalents is listed below. Honors versions of the specific courses are acceptable. 

Requirement LSU Equivalent
1 year of General Biology with Labs BIOL 1201/1208, 1202/1209
1 year of General Chemistry with lab   
CHEM 1201, 1202 & 1212 lab
1 year of Organic Chemistry with lab          CHEM 2261, 2262, 2364 lab
1 year of Physics with labs       PHYS 2001/2108, 2002/2109
6-9 hours of English     ENGL 1001, 2000, 1 other course


Additional course work may be required:

  • LSU Medical School- New Orleans, LSU Medical School- Shreveport, and the LSU Dental School require a semester of Biochemistry (BIOL 4087).
  • LSU Medical School- New Orleans requires a Statistics course (EXST 2201/ISDS 2000).
  • LSU Dental School also requires Microbiology (BIOL 2051).
  • Please refer to the LSU Medical School-Shreveport website for additional information on required course work.

purple tooth (dental school)Additional Dental School Requirements

The LSU Dental School requires a total of 12 hours of biology course work, including Biochemistry and Microbiology.

Although not required by every school, the following courses are strongly recommended:

Requirement LSU Equivalent
Genetics BIOL 2153
General Microbiology BIOL 2051
Biochemistry BIOL 4087
Developmental Zoology BIOL 3156
Histology BIOL 4104


Other course work that students may find helpful include the following:

  • Professional Ethics (PHIL 2018)
  • Bioethics (PHIL 2025)
  • Interpersonal Communication (CMST 2010)
  • Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 2000)
  • Drugs and Behavior (PSYC 4035)
  • Neuropharmacology (PSYC 4037)
  • Nutrition in Health (HUEC 2010)
  • Human Nutrition (HUEC 4010)
  • Sociology of Medicine (SOCL 4451)
  • Business courses (ACCT, MKT, MGT, ECON, etc.)

Dental students may wish to take course work to develop their manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination skills. Some examples are:

  • Basic Jewelry/Metalsmithing (ART 2655)
  • Sculpture (ART 1761 or 1762)
  • Introduction to Ceramics (ART 1661)

Some of these courses have prerequisites. Consult the LSU General Catalog to determine your eligibility for any course prior to scheduling.