Planning Process and Timeline

November – December 2022: Form strategic planning steering committee, conduct desk and market research, conduct current state review and data analysis to identify future areas of focus, and formally strategic planning effort

January – March 2023: Conduct stakeholder interviews, faculty and staff surveys, student surveys, and additional market research

April – May 2023: Faculty, staff, graduate student, and undergraduate student focus groups

May 2023: Steering committee and college leadership strategic planning retreat to review data, confirm our college mission and values, set our future vision, and develop draft future priorities, goals, strategies, and success metrics

June – August 2023: Develop a draft strategic plan that presents a cohesive framework with corresponding priorities, goals, strategies, resource needs, and success metrics for the coming years that aligns with LSU’s new strategic plan

August 2023: Review the draft strategic plan with the broad college community for input, questions, and comments

September 2023: Finalize strategic plan and distribute to internal and external stakeholders