Steering Committee

Dean Cynthia Peterson has appointed the following individuals to the LSU College of Science Strategic Planning Steering Committee to work closely with college leadership to review comprehensive data related to our college’s current and future state, benchmark ourselves against other leading colleges of science, inform how we engage with our stakeholders and what we do with the information we learn from them, and ensure the future strategies we put in place are reflective of this data and college-wide engagement.

Scott Baldridge, Professor, Mathematics

Amy Commander, Sr. HR Specialist, Chemistry

Thomas R. Corbitt, Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Patrick J. DiMario, Professor, Biological Sciences

Mette B Gaarde, Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Morgan W. Kelly, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Victor Garcia-Lopez, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Kathryn Triche Loveless, Assistant Dean, Academic Services

Karen Lutrell, Associate Professor, Geology & Geophysics

Johnna L. Roose, Instructor, Biological Sciences

Anastasios Vourekas, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Graça Vicente, Professor, Chemistry

David S Vela-Vick, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Email our steering committee with questions or suggestions related to the strategic planning process at