LSU College of Science Hosts 2021 Choppin Honors Celebration Day

Even throughout a global pandemic, our students, faculty, and staff continued exceeding expectations and working to answer the important questions our world was asking. To honor their accomplishments, the LSU College of Science hosted its 2021 Choppin Honors Celebration Day, where the students, faculty, and staff listed below were invited to receive their awards in person and be recognized for their outstanding efforts.

Student Awards:

Heaven Harris, Outstanding Science Residential College Student, Biological Sciences

Grace Sheets, Outstanding Sophomore, Biochemistry 

Xinyue Yu, Outstanding Junior, Mathematics 

Nhung Ngo, Outstanding Senior, Biological Sciences

Tara Fife, Outstanding Dissertation Award, Mathematics 

Faculty and Staff Awards:

Ginger Brininstool, Dr. Marion D. Socolofsky Award, Biological Sciences 

Matthew Chambers, Undergraduate Teaching Award, Chemistry 

Ivan Agullo, Graduate Teaching Award, Physics and Astronomy 

Tad Dallas, Non-Tenured Faculty Research Award, Biological Sciences

Frank Womack, Staff Excellence Award, Physics and Astronomy 

SCI Lead is a student council within the College of Science, which assists students in developing professional, leadership, and communication skills while advancing diversity and inclusion.  Today, we recognized these members for participating in a variety of professional and community opportunities that are designed to help students network with others in their field and prepare them for a career in science.

Visit the SCI Lead program website to learn more.

SCI Lead Students:

Ethan Burnett, Chemistry 

Eduardo Chamah, Biological Sciences

Onesty Culpepper, Biological Sciences

Imogen Hoffman, Chemistry 

Samantha Lee, Biological Sciences

Joshua Nguyen, Chemistry 

Cody Orvin, Biological Sciences

Award Recipients:

Frank Womack with his award.Ginger Brininstool with her award.Tad Dallas with his award.Matthew Chambers with his award.

Ivan Agullo with his award.Nhung Ngo with her award.Grace Sheets with her award.Heaven Harris with her award.

Samantha Lee with her award.