Undergraduate Scholarships


The Department of Geology & Geophysics is proud to have dozens of scholarships and awards to give to outstanding students. The department nominates and selects students for awards during the academic year. Below is a list of some of these awards. To be considered for one of these awards, you must be a declared geology major. Each award carries specific requirements and the scholarship committee will grant each award to a selected awardee.  There are two ways to obtain a scholarship:


LSU Student Aid & Scholarships (automatically considered with Undergraduate Admissions Application)


*****Departmental Scholarships will be chosen before the end of the spring semester for the following academic year.*****
       *****If you are chosen, you will be notified.  There is no longer an application process for scholarships.***** 


Academic Year Scholarships

Undergraduate Departmental Scholarship Applicatio


Field Camp Scholarships

Field Camp Scholarship Application

Monica Donellan Memorial Scholarship
Charles L. Jones Scholarship in Geology & Geophysics
Devon Energy Undergraduate Scholarship
John T. Mestayer Memorial Scholarship
Leo W. Hough Geology Scholarship
Major J. Stewart Slack, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Marathon Geophysics Scholarship
Marathon Geology Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Henry V. Howe Memorial Scholarship
A.E. "Sandy" Sandberg Scholarship
Adam Sturlese Memorial Scholarship
H. V. Andersen Endowed Scholarship
George N. May Memorial Scholarship
John O'Keefe Barry Endowed Scholarship
Laurice Sistrunk Memorial Scholarship
Patrick Taylor Scholarship
GAEMP Minority Scholarship
Millican Foundation Scholarship
Sid and Peggy Bonner Scholarship
Newfield Exploration Company Scholarship
New Orleans Geological Society Memorial Scholarship

Ben Stanley Geology Field Camp Scholarship
Professor W. A. Van den Bold Geology Field Camp Scholarship
Harriet Cameron Belchic Memorial Fund
Halliburton Field Camp Scholars
Candace L . Hays and Ronnie D. Johnson Scholarship
Harrison Field Camp Scholarship
ChevronTexaco Field Camp Scholarship
Geology Freshman Field Camp Scholarship



For more information on undergraduate scholarships and assistantships, please contact: