LSU Foundation Secures $2 Million Endowment to Enhance Math and Science Teacher Education

07/24/2014 02:26 PM

The National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) presented a check for $1 million to the LSU Foundation for the GeauxTeach Math/Science teacher preparation program during a reception March 12 at LSU Memorial Tower. The donation was a result of a challenge issued by NMSI to raise $1 million in endowment to grow the GeauxTeach program. LSU alumni, corporate partners, and a private foundation made gifts to support students, faculty and programmatic needs. The NMSI match has resulted in a total endowment of $2 million.


“We are extremely excited about this endowment and the positive impact that it will have on math and science education in Louisiana,” says Guillermo Ferreyra, interim dean, LSU College of Science. “This endowment will allow us to accept more students into the GeauxTeach Math/Science program and to graduate more math and science teachers who will positively impact the children of Louisiana.”


In 2007, LSU was one of 13 institutions awarded a $2.4 million grant from NMSI to expand the already successful math and science component of the teacher preparation program. Today, GeauxTeach students can pursue a bachelor's degree in biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics, or physics while concurrently pursuing a concentration in the theories and methods of teaching. The program places students in K-12 classrooms as early as their freshman year and provide more intense field experiences in their junior and senior years.


Prior to receiving the NMSI grant, GeauxTeach graduated 14 students per year. With the added funding, the program increased its number of graduates to 27 in 2012. The program is slated for further growth with projections of 30 to 35 graduates per year.


LSU leads its peer NMSI institutions in recruitment drawing an average of 125 GeauxTeach Math/Science recruits annually compared to 80 at other NMSI universities. A replication of the highly regarded UTeach program at the University of Texas at Austin, GeauxTeach has become a blueprint for effective science and mathematics teacher preparation across the nation.


“GeauxTeach is a transformational way to recruit, prepare, and support science and math teachers. This fundraising effort was successful because of the generosity of LSU’s alumni and friends. Ron and I were proud to join other donors in support of this program that is critical to inspiring the next generations of leaders in energy, healthcare, national security, technology, our environment and beyond,” said Dr. Mary Neal, LSU zoology and medical school alumna and development chair of the College of Science’s Executive Committee.


We would like to acknowledge all of the donors who gave to the GeauxTeach Math/Science Program.


Pat Bodin
Clarence and Ann Cazalot
Frank and Pat Harrison Jr.
Harry Martin
Scott and Espe Moran
Ron and Dr. Mary Neal
Lancelot and Maggie Olinde Sr.
Mike and Carol Stamatedes
Dr. Marvin E. Stuckey
Mike and Lee Ann van den Bold




100 Black Men of
Metro Baton Rouge
Sharon A. Besson
Hardy and Jeanette Coon
Jamie and Jane Egasti
Dr. William M. Girard
Dr. William
and Mary Helen Hamilton
Dr. George and Mary Helmer Jr.
Interact for Change
Dr. James J. Madden
Charles and Andrea McMakin
Mariner Energy Inc.
Joshua T. Moulton
Dr. Frank M. Neubrander
Edward B. Picou Jr.
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Dr. Danny and Kay Williamson
Dr. Letah Yang





The BooGrigsby Foundation



JP Morgan Chase

Posted on Thursday, July 24, 2014