Organic Chemistry Seminar

Organic Chemistry Seminars are hosted by Rendy Kartika at 12:30 pm on Tuesdays in 214 Williams Hall (Tower Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70808)

Fall 2018 Schedule

Date Speaker Credentials/Advisor Title Host
8/21     Organizational Meeting Rendy Kartika
8/28 Dancan Njeri Justin Ragains Mechanism Presentation Rendy Kartika
 9/4 No Seminar      
 9/11 Professor Ron Smalldone UTD TBA

Semin Lee

9/18 Professor Anne Gorden Auburn Imine Soft-Donor Ligands for Use in Selective Sensors and Catalysis Andrew Maverick, Joint Inorganic / Organic
9/25 No Seminar      
10/02 Xin Zhou Semin Lee Literature Presentation  Rendy Kartika
 10/9 Ovini Kankanamge Robin McCarley Literature Presentation Rendy Kartika
 10/16 Professor Kathleen Morgan Xavier University Thermochemical Studies of Simple Carbohydrates and Related Compounds Justin Ragains
 10/23 Josh Van Houten Rendy Kartika Research Presentation Rendy Kartika
10/30 Erik Alvarez First Year Mechanism Presentation Rendy Kartika 
 11/06 Professor Mike Shi USF Curiosity Driven New Reactivity Discovery Rendy Kartika, Joint Inorganic / Organic

Brandon Conrad

Isaac Dos Reis

First Year 

First Year 

Mechanism Presentation

Mechanism Presentation

 Rendy Kartika
11/20 Fatimat Badmus Rendy Kartika Literature Presentation

Rendy Kartika

11/27 Dancan Njeri Justin Ragains Literature Presentation Rendy Kartika


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