LaCNS Seminar

Time and location: Unless otherwise noted, seminars will be held in Room 1008B, Digital Media Center at 3:00 PM. 


Spring 2019 Schedule

Date Speaker Credentials/Advisor Title Host


(206 Williams Hall, 12:30 PM)

Leah Jacklyn Broussard Oak Ridge National Laboratory The Nab Experiment: A Laboratory for Neutron Beta Decay Gerald Schneider


(206 Williams Hall, 12:30 PM)

Flora Meilleur Oak Ridge National Laboratory Cellulose degrading oxidative enzymes: structural insights from neutron diffraction and scattering Gerald Schneider
02/11/2019 Jonathan Nickels University of Cincinnati Using neutron scattering to study nanoscale structure and motion in biomolecules Gerald Schneider


(206 Williams Hall, 12:30 PM)

Joshua Sangoro University of Tennessee Mesoscale Organization and Dynamics in Ionic Liquids Gerald Schneider
03/25/2019 Lilo Pozzo University of Washington Structure and Dynamics of Conjugated Polymers from Neutron Scattering and MD Simulations Bhuvnesh Bharti
04/08/2019 Ted Cremer Adelphi Technology TBA Leslie Butler
05/06/2019 Geoffrey Bothun University of Rhode Island TBA Bhuvnesh Bharti


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