Final Defenses Fall 2018


Date Time Student Advisor Room Degree Title
10/3/18 1:00 PM Ansonia Badgett

Dr. McCarley

100 CMB PhD

Toward the Impact of Particulate Matter on Human Health: Evaluation of Fluorescent Environmentally Persistent Free Radical (EPFR) Surrogates

10/8/18 11:00 AM Daniel J. LaMaster

Dr. Vicente &

Dr. Lopata

210 Choppin PhD

Calculation Guided Rational Design and Synthesis of Novel Cationic Fluorescent meso-Pyridinium BODIPYs for Bio-Imaging

10/9/18 1:45 PM Mingyan Cong Dr. Warner 210 Choppin PhD Design and Application of Task-Specific GUMBOS and nanoGUMBOS for Sensing and Separation
10/12/2018 11: 00 AM Benjamin J. Haywood Dr. Cook 210 Choppin PhD Molecular Level Interactions and Transformations of Natural Organic Matter Within the Environment
12/6/2018 10:00 AM Shaofu Du Dr. Ragains 302 CMB PhD Photo-Induced Remote C-H Functionalization and New Thiogycoside Donor Development for O-Glycosylation
12/12/2018  9:00 AM Fan Cao Dr. Murray 202 CMB PhD Atomic Force Microscopy Tip-Enhanced Laser Ablation