Final Defenses Fall 2021

Date Time Student Advisor Room Degree Title
10/11/21 10:00 am Chao Dong Murray 202 CMB Ph.D. High Precision Tissue Sampling for Mass Spectrometry
10/18/21 1:00 pm Asela Sampath Dikkumbura Haber 210 Choppin Ph.D. Colloidal Nanomaterial Surface Chemistry and Characterization Studies by Linear and Nonlinear Spectroscopy
10/22/21 10:00 am Mailange Rasangi Madushani Perera Schneider 100 CMB Ph.D. Manipulating Structure and Membrane Properties of Nano-Scale Model Membrane Systems of Amphiphilic Polymers and Lipids
10/25/21 2:00 pm Emmanuel Ampiah Cook 210 Choppin Ph.D. Formation and Stability of Environmentally Free Radicals (EPFRS) in Dual-Metal Loaded Clay Surrogates
10/28/21 10:00 am Justin Alexander Grennell Macnaughtan Zoom Ph.D. 3-Dimensional Structural Determination of Epidermal Growth Factor-Like Repeat 27 From Mouse NOTCHI Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy