Final Defenses Summer 2019


Date Time Student Advisor Room Degree Title
6/7/19 2:00 PM Chun-Han Wang Nesterov 100 CMB PhD Chemosensors Based on Higher Energy Gap Control of Fluorescence in Conjugated Polymers
6/13/19 10:00AM Caitlin Bresnahan Kumar 210 Choppin PhD Modeling Chemical Reactivity in Aqueous and Organic Systems: From Electronic Structure Methods to Force Field Development
6/13/19  1:30 PM Mi Chen Warner 210 Choppin PhD Near Infrared GUMBOS and NanoGUMBOS for Biomedical Applications
6/14/19  1:00 PM Adonay Sissay Lopata 100 CMB PhD Simulations of Strong-Field Ionization in Molecules Using Tuned Range-Separated Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory
7/12/19 12:00 PM Arjun Pandey Spivak 100 CMB PhD Engineered Soil Surrogates: Development of a Controllable and Schalable Platform Using Controlled Radical Polymerization for the Study of Geomacromolecular Matrices
7/18/19 10:00 AM Garrett Leigh Sternhagen Zhang 100 CMB PhD Sequence-Defined Ionic Peptoid Block Copolymers: Synthesis and Solution Self-Assembly