Final Defenses Fall 2018


Date Time Student Advisor Room Degree Title
2/4/19 10:00 AM Omoefe Joy Kio

Dr. Butler

210 Choppin PhD

Application of X-ray Grating Interferometry to Polymer/Flame

Retardant Blends in Additive Manufacturing

2/28/19 1:00 PM Drew Michael Hood Dr. Stanley 302 CMB PhD Cationic Coabalt (II) Hyrdroformylation
3/1/19 2:00 PM Ryan Alexander Johnson Dr. Stanley 100 CMB PhD

 Investigating Cationic Metal Centers for Hydroformylation

3/12/19 12:00 PM Neepa Malsi Kumari Kuruppu Arachchige Dr. Garno 212 Choppin PhD

Chemical Approaches for Nanofabrication Based on Colloidal Lithography With Organosilanes, Nanoparticles and Nickel Films: The Role of Water in Directing Surface Self-Assembly

3/12/19 4:00 PM Kelin Wang Dr. Murray 202 CMB PhD Infrared Laser Ablation for Biomolecule Sampling
3/13/19 3:00 PM Thu Hoai Nguyen Dr. Gilman 100 CMB PhD Improving Coupled Enzyme Assays With Capillary Electroporesis
3/27/19 10:00 AM Thenahandi Prasanthi Deepthika De Silva Dr. Warner 210 Choppin PhD Photo-Physical Properties of Novel GUMBOS for Optoelectronic Applications