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Time and location: Unless otherwise noted, seminars will be held on Friday in the Life Sciences Annex Auditorium (A-101) at 3:30 p.m. Check the individual notices posted in the hallways or your e-mail box for confirmation of times and locations.    

Spring 2020 Schedule

Date Talk Speaker Institute Host
1/17 Safety Meeting      
1/24 Combining chemical disciplines to realistically appraise pathways and rates of environmental reactions Alan Stone Johns Hopkins University Robert Cook
1/31 Applications of Supramolecular Chemistry in Next Generation Biomaterials Davita Watkins University of Mississippi John Pojman
 2/7 Ultrafast X-Ray Molecular Dynamics Steve Leone UC Berkley Louis Haber
2/14 Toward "Chemical GPS": Using Computers to Learn from Dark Reactions Kenneth Poeppelmeier Northwestern University Weiwei Xie
2/21 Structure and Dynamics in Complex Chemical Systems: NMR Studies Elevated with Computational Chemistry Karl Mueller Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Tuo Wang
2/28 Transition Metal Catalysts for the Efficient, Large-scale and Stereoselective Synthesis of Cyclic Polymers Adam Veige University of Florida Semin Lee
3/6 APS March Meeting (Denver, CO      
3/13 RESERVED      
3/27 Spring Break (ACS Philadelphia, PA)      



West Lectureship  Vicki Wysocki The Ohio State University Chris Sumner
4/10 Good Friday Holiday      
4/24 Graduate Awards      

Fall 2020 Schedule

Date Talk Speaker Institute Host
8/28 Safety Meeting      
9/4 Football Weekend (UTSA Roadrunners)      
9/11 Football Weekend (Texas Longhorns)      
 9/18 Elucidation of Carbohydrate Structure in Plant Biomass and Fungal Pathogens Using Solid-State NMR and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Methods Tuo Wang  Louisiana State University  Kermit Murray
9/25 Football Weekend (Ole Miss Rebels)      
10/2 Football Weekend (Nicholls Colonels)      
10/9 Fall Break      
10/16 Open      
10/23 Texas Style Metal-based Drug Discovery Professor Jonathan Sessler University of Texas at Austin Victor Garcia-Lopez
10/23 Football Weekend (Mississippi Bulldogs)      
10/30 Grand Challenges for MOFs: a role for NMR  Jeff Reimer  UC Berkeley  Tuo Wang
11/6 Football Weekend (Alabama Crimson Tide)      
11/13 Football Weekend (South Carolina Gamecocks)      
11/27 Thanksgiving Break      

Boussert Lecture     Cancelled

Thierry Gacoin Laboratoire PMC, CNRS Noémie Elgrishi

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