Macromolecular Chemistry Seminar

Macromolecular Chemistry Seminars are hosted by Donghui Zhang at 12:30 pm pm on Fridays in 206 Williams  (Tower Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70808)

Fall 2018 Schedule

Date Speaker Credentials /Advisor Title Host
 08/24     MSGSA sponsored pizza lunch and intro to MSGSA, sign up for talks

Sam Bynum and Donghui Zhang

 08/31 Bruno Jakobi Gerald Schneider PPO: isotactic Homo- and Co-Polymerization Ly Ngo

Anowar Hossain Khan

Arjun Pandey 

John Pojman

David Spivak

Chalk Talk Donghui Zhang
 09/14 Prof. Jimmy Lawrence LSU, Department of Chemical Engineering Engineering Precise Materials Through Discrete Polymeric Building Blocks Donghui Zhang

Asmat Ullah

Sam Bynum

First Year

John Pojman 

Chalk Talk Donghui Zhang
09/28  Judith De Mel  Gerald Schneider Literature Talk Chis Van Leewen
10/05  Fall Break      

Ragib Hasan

Daniel Gary

David Spivak


Chalk Talk Donghui Zhang
10/19  Professor Ling Fei

University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Department of Chemical Engineering

 Rational Design and Synthesis of Nanomaterials for Lithium Ion Batteries Donghui Zhang
10/26  Dennel McKenzie John Pojman Literature Talk Baylen Thompson
11/02  Christopher J Van Leeuwen Gerald Schneider Literature Talk Judith De Mel
11/09  Baylen Thompson John Pojman Literature Talk Dennel McKenzie
11/16  Bruno Jakobi Gerald Schnieder Data Defense Ly Ngo
11/17  APTEC Symposium   APTEC polymer graduate student symposium at Southeastern Louisiana University  
11/23 Thanksgiving Holiday      
11/30 Garrett Sternhagen Donghui Zhang Data Defense David Siefker


  * Joint LaCNS/Macromolecular seminar


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