Research Highlights

Carbon Nanohoops

Carbon Nanohoops ImageCarbon nanohoops are conjugated macrocycles with radially-arranged aromatic groups. Here, a carbon nanohoop was prepared in high yields from a non-symmetric building block using alkyne metathesis. This nanohoop exhibited blue fluorescence with high quantum yields.

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Bodipy imageA synthesis of linker-free BODIPY-glycine derivatives, via functionalization at the boron atom, is reported. The new compounds were studied experimentally and computationally, and shown to have high stability and fluorescence quantum yields.

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Quorom Sensing

Quorum Sensing imageQuorum Sensing is a biological phenomenon of cellular communication which plays a role in biofilm development or even bacteria colony growth. We emulate this communication by using an analog of urease encapsulated beads subjected to a urea solution.

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